These are the 12 best dashcams of 2024

These are the 12 best dashcams of 2024

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Looking for a good dashcam for your car? The choice doesn't get any easier. Dashcams can be bought nowadays from about 19 euros at Action to more than a thousand euros for the more advanced systems. And whether that thousand euros is better value for money? That remains to be seen. For more than 10 years we have been selling dash cams from about 50 euros, for which you now have a very nice model. However, the best dashcams are in a slightly higher price range, but they really don't have to cost more than a few hundred euros. In this article we tell you what we think are the best dashcams of 2024 - in terms of price-quality ratio.

Every year there are new dashcams on the market. Sometimes improved versions of an older model and other times completely new models. Most of the advances we see are particularly in the parking mode software to secure your car when parked. In terms of image quality, the Sony Starvis image sensor took off last year and is currently used in the better dashcams. This especially benefits the quality in the dark, something that was previously subject to some criticism.

If we look at the brands between them, we can say that Nanocam is the big winner this year. As far as we are concerned, the Nanocam M93 Pro is the big winner in terms of features, ease of use and image quality. The Nanocam M27 is also one of the best options in a lower price range. BlackVue has released some new models including the DR970X LTE. However, due to its price, it does not kick it higher than spot 8 on our list. Vantrue is experiencing a first with the N4 Pro, which is very promising in terms of parking security.

Below is a brief summary of the best dashcams of 2024, further down you can read the justification for each model.

Best Dashcam 2024:

  1. Nanocam M93 Pro: €279.99
    First 5K dashcam with large touchscreen LCD and extended parking mode.
  2. AZDome M63 Pro: €129
    Excellent value for money and fully featured.
  3. Vantrue N4 Pro: €349
    Virtually 360˚ view and expandable with convenient accessories.
  4. DDPai Mini 5 Cloud: €249
    Handy Cloud features for remote viewing and notifications.
  5. Nanocam M27: €99.99
    Best budget dashcam with Wifi, GPS and extended parking mode.
  6. AZDome M550 Pro: from €149
    Completely supplied and sleekly designed 4K dual dashcam with Wifi and GPS.
  7. Gnet G-ON4 2CH: €379
    Advanced 'stealth' 4K dual dashcam with Cloud function.
  8. BlackVue DR970X LTE: from €899
    Very extensive Cloud capabilities and 4K resolution.
  9. Viofo A139 Pro 2CH: €249
    4K dual dashcam with Wifi and GPS without LCD screen.
  10. Nordväl DC202 4K: from €269
    Beautifully designed 4K dual dashcam with extended parking mode.
  11. ThiEye Carview 4: €169
    Best indoor mirror dashcam with 4K resolution.
  12. Mio MiVue 886: €199
    The first 4K dashcam from Mio with trusted software and support.

Best dashcams 2024: Number One

1. Nanocam M93 Pro

Nanocam M93 Pro

This new Nanocam M93 is a very comprehensive dashcam with basically every feature you could wish for. This is the first 5K dashcam (4K + FullHD if you connect the rear camera), the image quality is therefore unparalleled both day and night. You can mount the waterproof rear camera anywhere you want and it supports Micro SD cards up to 512gb (64gb comes standard).

What makes it the best dashcam of 2024 may be its ease of use. Thanks to the touchscreen LCD screen, the M93 Pro is easy to operate. The menu is configurable in Dutch as well as the manual that comes with it, something we do not see with all dashcams. With the extensive motion, vibration and time lapse parking mode, this dashcam also secures your car in any way possible. A CPL filter is also available to counteract reflections in the image.

Available at:
Nanocam: €279.99
Dashcamdeal: €279.99

Best dashcams 2024: Number two

2. AZDome M63 Pro

AZDome M63 True 4KThe number one last year and second place this year. You are hardly going to find better value for money than with this AZDome M63 Pro. It films with a Sony Starvis 8.0MP image sensor in 4K resolution and a FullHD rear camera is optional. Wifi lets you view the footage via the AZDome App on your phone, and the GPS keeps track of speed at all times. On the clear LCD screen you can also view the recorded images and easily operate the menu.

It comes very complete with two holders and a 64gb Micro SD card. Because of the viewing angle of 170˚ degrees, a very large area around the car is captured. If you connect it with the optionally available Continuous power supply, you get access to the extended parking mode with motion detection or Time lapse mode.

Available at:
Dashcamdeal: €129

Best dashcams 2024: Number Three

3. Vantrue N4 Pro

Vantrue N4 ProVantrue is a relatively new brand with a very wide range of dashcams offered worldwide. Vantrue is particularly active on marketplaces such as Amazon but nowadays also available in other places. Vantrue's dashcams are sleekly designed and solidly built. They are also expandable with useful accessories such as a CPL filter and Bluetooth S.O.S. button.

This N4 Pro is a 3CH variant that incorporates a third interior camera in the front dashcam that films the inside of the car and also a portion to the outside. Because of these three cameras, the Vantrue N4 Pro films almost 360 degrees in and around the car, which makes it ideal as a parking security system. The latter is also what Vantrue focuses on. You simply connect the dashcams to the power supply of the car with the optional OBD power supply or VP01 permanent power supply.

Available at:
Vantrue: €349
Dashcamdeal: €349

Best dashcams 2024: Number four

4. DDPai Mini 5 Cloud

DDPai Mini 5 CloudThere are some interesting new Cloud dashcams on the market this year. This DDPai Mini 5 Cloud is the most promising as far as we are concerned. In the specially developed holder, you simply insert a SIM card to connect your Mini 5 to the Internet. So you don't need a separate module for it like many other Cloud dashcams. The most important "event" recordings are then automatically sent to the Cloud. In addition, it is possible to receive notifications during parking mode if something happens to your car.

The image quality of this DDPai Mini 5 is very good at 4K and we are also very pleased with the design. Like the standard DDPai Mini 5, it comes with 64gb of built-in eMMC memory, something we are not a fan of ourselves. Expanding to larger memory is therefore not possible.

Available at:
Dashcamdeal: €249

Best dashcams 2024: Number five

5. Nanocam M27

Nanocam M27The Nanocam M27 is, in our opinion, the best "budget" dashcam on the market. It has a sleek design and films at sharp 2K QuadHD resolution. Wifi and GPS are built in, and it can be perfectly used as a parking security system due to its automatic parking mode with motion detection and time lapse mode. On the 3.0-inch LCD screen, the menu is easy to operate and you can easily adjust the dashcam.

A 32gb Micro SD card is included as standard and a rear camera and permanent power supply (for parking mode) are optional to order. Two holders are also included as standard to allow the M27 to be used in more cars. Without accessories, for under €100 you have a perfect dashcam that is not much inferior to much more expensive models.

Available at:
Dashcamdeal: €99.99
Nanocam: €99.99

Best dashcams 2024: Number six

6. AZDome M550 Pro

AZDome M550 ProAZDome released a few new models last year, and this M550 Pro is perhaps the nicest. In terms of specifications, it is about the same as the AZDome M63 Pro (number 2 in the list). However, this M550 Pro comes standard with rear camera (2CH version) or with rear camera AND third interior camera (3CH version). The latter is particularly popular among cab drivers.

The rear camera you simply place on the inside of the rear window and any third camera you insert into the front dashcam. It's beautifully designed and the widescreen LCD screen means it doesn't stand out too much and fits in almost any car behind the interior mirror. It comes with 64gb MicroSD card and supports SD cards up to 256gb. A CPL filter is optional to order, as is an extension cable for the rear camera.

Available at:
Dashcamdeal: €149

Best dashcams 2024: Number seven

7. Gnet G-ON4 2CH

Gnet G-ON4In South Korea, they do know how to make dashcams. Many well-known brands such as BlackVue, iRoad and LUKAS/Qvia come from there. Together with BlackVue, Gnet is the market leader and together they control about 40% of the market in the country. Gnet is distinguished by an extensive Cloud feature (WithCloud) and very good yet affordable models of dashcams. This Gnet G-ON4 is the flagship and best example. With 4K resolution it makes the sharpest recordings and because of its sleek design it is hardly noticeable in the car.

All Gnet's come standard with Continuous power supply for connection at the fuse box. This immediately activates the convenient and extended parking mode. Of course, it is also equipped with Wifi and GPS. It comes standard with 64gb Micro SD card.

Available at:
Dashcamdeal: €379

Best dashcams 2024: Number eight

8. BlackVue DR970X LTE

BlackVue DR970X LTEAlso from South Korea is this BlackVue DR970X LTE. They also know how to make a dashcam at BlackVue, especially the Cloud software is very well developed at BlackVue. Last year, BlackVue released some new models, including the DR970X. In this LTE version of the DR970X, it is possible to insert the SIM card directly into the dashcam. The other models require you to connect the separate LTE module for €229.

The BlackVue DR970X LTE films in very sharp 4K resolution through the high-quality 8.0MP sensor. GPS and Wifi are of course standard and you can also connect this dashcam with Bluetooth for a more stable connection. The cheapest 64gb version costs €899, for the versions with larger SD card you have to dig pretty deep for €969 and €1039 for the 128gb and 256gb versions respectively.

Available at:
Coolblue: €899

Best dashcams 2024: Number nine

9. Viofo A139 Pro 2CH

Viofo A139 Pro 2CHViofo has long been a reliable dashcam brand with a range of now more than 20 models. The first Viofo A139 was introduced in 2022 and this Pro version is the 2024 version with 4K resolution. Features of Viofo's are the advanced parking mode with motion detection and time lapse mode and possible expansion with CPL filter and Bluetooth SOS button.

The Viofo A139 Pro is available as 1CH, 2CH and 3CH versions. The 2CH comes with a rear camera and the 3CH version comes with a rear + interior camera. It is equipped with 8.0MP image sensor, Wifi and GPS. SD cards it supports up to 258gb.

Available at:
Allcam: €249 €250

Best dashcams 2024: Number ten

10. Nordväl DC202 4K

Nordval DC202 4KNordväl is a relatively new dashcam brand that started a few years ago with the DC102. That model never made it to our lists, however, this DC202 4K is more promising. This sleek and slim dashcam films with high-quality 4K resolution on the front and 2K on the rear, or with just the front camera even in 5K. With extensive parking functions, it is a good dashcam to secure your car with.

The Nordväl DC202 4K is available as 64gb, 128gb and 256gb versions. It has voice control that lets you operate it with a few prompts. The bluetooth also ensures a stable connection to your phone. In addition, you will of course find the standard features such as GPS to keep track of speed and Wifi to view videos on your phone.

Available at:
Dashcamdeal: €269

Best dashcams 2024: Number eleven

11. ThiEye Carview 4

ThiEye Carview 4Standard dashcams usually mount behind the interior mirror on the windshield. Increasingly popular, however, are interior mirror dashcams. You place these right over your existing interior mirror so you no longer have a camera on the windshield. The mirror surface of these dashcams is often a full LCD screen that displays the image from the rear camera. This type of dashcam therefore also acts as a full-fledged digital interior mirror, ideal for vans and RVs where rear visibility is limited or non-existent.

This ThiEye Carview 4 is currently one of the best interior mirror dashcams and for now the only one with 4K resolution. GPS is built into this Carview 4 so that current speed is tracked. Due to the large viewing angle of 170˚ at the front and rear a very large area around the car is recorded.

Available at:
Dashcamdeal: €169

Best dashcams 2024: Number twelve

12. Mio MiVue 886

Mio MiVue 886Mio is a brand many people know from navigation systems. For several years now they have had a pretty impressive collection of dashcams. Most models never made it to our top lists, the dashcams are usually on the pricey side compared to other brands. This 886 is a first and also the first 4K dashcam from MiVue.

The great thing about Mio is that the software and manuals are often well developed, which adds to the user experience. The image quality of this 886 can also compete with other brands that have been making dashcams for some time. Standard features like Wifi and GPS are of course also found on the 886, and you also have the option of receiving speed camera alerts while driving.

Available at:
Dashcamdeal: €199



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