DDPai DDPai Mini 5 Cloud 4G True 4K Wifi GPS 64gb dashcam
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DDPai DDPai Mini 5 Cloud 4G True 4K Wifi GPS 64gb dashcam

DDPai DDPai Mini 5 Cloud 4G True 4K Wifi GPS 64gb dashcam

€249,00 Incl. tax
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○ Cloud connection ○ True 4K (3880p) ○ Wifi and GPS ○ 64gb eMMC Read more.

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Product description

The DDPai Mini 5 - DDPai's flagship model - has now been released with Cloud functionality. The Cloud storage allows you to remotely connect to your dashcam. This offers all sorts of convenient features, such as receiving collision notifications or Live remote viewing. The DDPai Mini 5 is further equipped with all features such as 64gb of internal eMMC storage, Wifi and GPS.

DDPai Cloud

This DDPai Mini 5 Cloud version comes with a handy 4G Link box. This is basically an extended version of the standard holder in which you can insert a SIM card. Using the Cloud actually requires an Internet connection, so you need an active prepaid or subscription SIM card. Through this Internet connection you can connect the dashcam to the Cloud, which allows for the following functions:

Live viewing: Remote live viewing of the dashcam, for example to see where you parked your car or to keep an eye on it.
Impact notifications: When a collision or impact is detected by the G-sensor you receive a notification on your phone a photo and video of the incident.
Geofencing: When your car leaves a configurable demarcated area you receive a push notification on your phone.
Cloud storage: Photos and videos can be stored in the Cloud so you can view and download them from anywhere in the world.

With DDPai, you receive up to 2gb of storage in the Cloud as standard. The videos stored are compressed so they don't take up too much space.

Sony 4K UHS with 8.0MP CMOS sensor

The DDPai Mini 5 Cloud records video at True 4K resolution, which is four times that of FullHD recordings. Despite the super image quality, data consumption remains limited by the latest H.265 compression technology. Thus, the MicroSD card is not burdened more than dashcams with lesser image quality. The image sensor is the Sony Starvis IMX415, which is known for its excellent performance in the dark.

64gb eMMC internal memory

Unique to this DDPai Mini 5 Cloud is the durable and innovative internal 64gb eMMC memory. eMMC (Embedded Multimedia Card) is a new way of file storage where the memory is incorporated into the device. Because of eMMC, an external SD card is no longer needed and eMMC is also a lot more durable than regular SD cards. According to DDPai, by using eMMC in this Mini 5 Cloud, the lifespan is about 10 times longer than using regular SD cards.

DDPai 5GHz Wifi

This DDPai Mini 5 Cloud is equipped with 5GHz Wifi and can therefore be used with the DDPai app. The user-friendly app is convenient to operate and can be used to view live or saved images and to change settings. Any firmware updates can also be conveniently performed through the App. 5GHz guarantees the fastest file transfer.

Please note: The DDPai Mini 5 Cloud does not support 2.4GHz Wifi. Therefore, with a phone or tablet without 5GHz support, it is not possible to connect to this dashcam.

Built-in GPS

The DDPai Mini 5 Cloud has GPS built in, this stores the locations of the places where filming was done and displays the current speed at the bottom of the screen. DDPai's special software also allows the routes driven to be viewed on the PC.

Automatic Time Lapse parking mode

The DDPai Mini 5 Cloud has a convenient automatic parking mode that can be used to secure the car when it is parked. Parking mode is automatically activated when no motion is detected for 15 minutes. The parking mode works with Time Lapse, which means a picture is taken every second that can later be played back as accelerated video. The advantage of parking mode with Time Lapse is that the recordings consume much less data and power than normal recordings. Moreover, people and license plates are still shown recognizably.

Note: The parking (automatic) mode works only in conjunction with the optional "DDPai Mini 5 Cloud Continuous Power Supply" to provide power to the dashcam when the ignition is turned off.

Easy mount

The clever design of this DDPai Mini 5 Cloud makes installation and use of the dashcam very easy. You stick the holder on the windshield and the camera simply slides into the holder. Removing the dashcam after driving is therefore a piece of cake.

Super capacitor battery

The DDPai Mini 5 Cloud is equipped with a super capacitor battery. This battery allows the camera to properly shut itself off after the power is lost. Super capacitor batteries are specifically designed for use in dashcams because they are more durable than regular Polymer Li-ion batteries and also better able to withstand high and low temperatures.


The ADAS system on this DDPai Mini 5 Cloud is a built-in "Advanced Driver Assistant System. This system supports the driver while driving in three ways:

FCWS: "Forward Collision Warning System. This system issues a warning when a car in front is approached at high speed. For example, the system alerts when there is a traffic jam in front of the car. With a good GPS signal, the current speed is known and the camera can make a good assessment of the situation around the car.

LDWS: "Lane Departure Warning System. When the car is in danger of changing lanes on the highway, the camera can signal.

FVSA: 'Forward Vehicle Start Alarm'. Do you also sometimes fail to pay attention when you're at the traffic light? This system alerts you when a vehicle ahead starts to pull away, such as at a stoplight or in a traffic jam.

*The ADAS system works better in some locations than others depending on the type of (highway) road. On narrow roads, for example, the LDWS system can sound an alarm faster than on wide roads.


The DDPai Mini 5 Cloud is equipped with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) to improve image quality. Especially in conditions with very high or very low light, WDR ensures that the image quality is still good.

140˚ wideview lens

This Mini 5 Cloud has a wide-angle lens of 140 degrees. This allows a very large area to be observed, not only in front of the car but also in the surrounding area. The aspect ratio of 16:10 also makes the viewing angle even larger than other dashcams with a ratio of, say, 3:4.

Auto start

The DDPai Mini 5 Cloud dashcam automatically starts filming when the car is started and stops filming when the car is turned off. So you don't have to look at it while it's hanging in the car.

G sensor

Because of the built-in G-sensor, the dashcam notices when you've been in an accident. Upon impact, images are automatically stored securely so they are not lost. They cannot be overwritten or deleted via the dashcam.

Low Voltage cut-off protection

The DDPai Mini 5 Cloud, in combination with the DDPai Mini 5 Cloud continuous power supply, has the option to set a voltage at which the dashcam shuts off when the car battery falls below this voltage. The voltage can be set to 12.4V, 12.0V and 11.8V.

Built-in microphone

The DDPai Mini 5 Cloud has a built-in microphone so that sound is also recorded. The microphone can also be turned off if desired.

Date and time registration

The current time and date are always displayed on screen so that it can later be shown at what time the relevant recordings were made.


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DDPai DDPai Mini 5 Cloud 4G True 4K Wifi GPS 64gb dashcam
DDPai Mini 5 Cloud 4G True 4K Wifi GPS 64gb dashcam
○ Cloud connection ○ True 4K (3880p) ○ Wifi and GPS ○ 64gb eMMC
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