Nordväl Nordväl DC202 2CH 4K Wifi GPS dashcam

Nordväl Nordväl DC202 2CH 4K Wifi GPS dashcam

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○ 4K + 2K ○ Dual-Band Wifi + GPS ○ Autom. parkeerstand ○ Bluetooth Read more.

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Product description

The Nordväl DC202 4K is Nordväl's new flagship model. This successor to the DC102 has been improved in some ways and now has, among other things, a simple Bluetooth connection in addition to the Wifi present. It still films in very sharp Ultra 4K resolution on the front and the rear camera is equipped with a 2K sensor.

True 4K + 2K

The Nordväl DC202 4K films with razor-sharp 4K 3840p resolution in 30fps and delivers outstanding performance, especially in the dark. The 8.0 Megapixel sensor ensures that all details in the environment are clearly visible. The resolution can also be set lower.

2K rear camera

The Nordväl DC202 4K comes with 2K rear camera so you can also record behind the car. The rear camera should be attached to the rear window and connected to the front dashcam with the 6-meter cable. The images from both cameras are stored separately on the Micro SD card in the front dashcam.

Built-in Wifi + Bluetooth

The DC202 4K is equipped with Wifi and Bluetooth so that you can easily view all videos via your phone. The Wifi has a range of about 10 meters. The Nordväl App is available for iOS (Apple) and Android phones and tablets. Through the app the images can be viewed and downloaded so the SD card no longer needs to be removed from the camera.

Time lapse and motion detection parking mode

The Nordväl DC202 4K has a convenient automatic parking mode function to secure the car when parked. In this Time Lapse mode, the camera takes a picture every second and later plays it back as video. This has a distinctive character that makes it appear to be flushed. Because of the Time Lapse mode, the videos do not take up too much space and thus can be recorded for a very long time without filling up the SD card.

The Nordväl DC202 4K additionally has a motion detection parking mode. In this, the dashcam is on standby and begins a 30-second recording when motion is detected. In combination with the Continuous power supply, the parking mode automatically turns on when the car ignition is turned off and the normal recording starts again when the car is started.

Note: The Nordväl PMPC03 power supply is required to use the automatic parking mode (see accessories).

Built-in GPS

The Nordväl DC202 4K has a built-in GPS module. Through this GPS module, the speed can be displayed in the image and, in addition, the coordinates of the places where filming was done are kept. This allows you to later use the supplied software to see exactly where certain recordings were made.

90˚ rotatable

The body of the DC202 4K can be rotated 90 degrees and therefore can always be properly aimed at the road.

3M mount

The Nordväl DC202 4K comes with a convenient separate 3M holder that attaches to the window with the 3M double-sided sticker. The camera can be removed from the holder and reinserted in one sliding motion. This makes it easy to remove the dashcam from the car.

H.265 HEVC compression

This Nordväl DC202 4K stores the super sharp video images on the SD card with the latest H.265 HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding). In short, this means that the dashcam uses less memory than other FullHD dashcams while the quality is better. So the files are of the best quality but do not take up too much memory on the MicroSD card.

Support up to 256gb

The Nordväl DC202 4K comes as a 64gb, 128gb or 256gb variant, good for around 3, 6 and 12 hours of recording (front + rear) respectively. When the SD card is full, the oldest footage is automatically overwritten for new footage so the dashcam just keeps on filming.

140˚ + 135˚ wideview lens

This DC202 4K has a 140-degree front wide-angle lens. The rear camera has a 135-degree viewing angle.

Auto start

The Nordväl DC202 4K dashcam automatically starts filming when the car is started and stops filming when the car is turned off. So you don't have to look at it while it's hanging in the car.

G sensor

Because of the built-in G-sensor, the dashcam notices when you've been in an accident. Upon impact, images are automatically stored securely so they are not lost. They cannot be overwritten or deleted via the dashcam.

Built-in microphone

The Nordväl DC202 4K has a built-in microphone so that sound is also recorded. The microphone can also be turned off if desired.

Date and time registration

The current time and date are always displayed on screen so that it can later be shown at what time the relevant recordings were made.


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Nordväl Nordväl DC202 2CH 4K Wifi GPS dashcam
Nordväl DC202 2CH 4K Wifi GPS dashcam
○ 4K + 2K ○ Dual-Band Wifi + GPS ○ Autom. parkeerstand ○ Bluetooth
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