Does a dashcam drain your car's battery?

Does a dashcam drain your car's battery?

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When you want to use a dashcam to protect your car when it's parked, you might be worried it will drain your car's battery. Every hardwire cable (that you need to use a dashcam's parking mode) has a protection device to ensure that your car's battery does not drain when you use the parking mode on your dashcam. This protection interrupts power to the dashcam if the battery falls below a certain voltage. This voltage is fixed on most power supplies (say, 11.6V) and adjustable on some (say, between 11.8V and 12.4V).

If it does happen that you cannot start your car after it has been parked for a while, it is important to check whether this is due to the power supply or to the car. To do this, you need to measure the voltage of the battery. There can be two things going on:

  1. Voltage battery is lower than set value
    In this case, the power supply is probably defective and should be replaced.
  2. Battery voltage is the same or higher than the set voltage
    In this case, the power supply is probably working properly but the problem is that the set voltage is apparently too low to start the car. Try - if the voltage is adjustable - to set the voltage higher so that the current is cut earlier. If the voltage cannot be set, it is wise to get another type of power supply (and possibly dashcam) or to stop using the parking mode.



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