Wireless or cordless dashcams and car cameras

Wireless or cordless dashcams and car cameras

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Would you like to buy a wireless dashcam? A dashcam never has a (large) built-in battery or battery and therefore must always be connected to the car with a power cable. Thus, a dashcam is never actually wireless. For a wireless car camera, you can therefore consider an action cam with a built-in battery. Of these, you can usually charge the battery so you can use it in the car without a cable.

The cable that comes with a dashcam is always very long (usually 3 to 4 meters) so you can easily and unobtrusively hide it in the car. You won't be bothered by the cable while driving and it's hardly noticeable. You can also consider using a Hardwire cable that you can install near the fuse box or use a Battery pack or Power bank.

Connecting the rear camera of a dashcam wirelessly is also unfortunately not possible. The rear camera of a 2CH Dual dashcam is always connected with a long cable to the front dashcam. The rear camera receives power through this cable and through this the data is sent to the front dashcam where the images are stored. Using a front and rear dashcam wirelessly is not yet technically possible.



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