The best small dashcams and car cameras

The best small dashcams and car cameras

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Most dashcams are quite small and fit easily behind the interior mirror in your car. A small dashcam has the advantage that it is hardly noticeable when you are driving. Because a small dashcam is therefore less noticeable in the car, the chance of theft is also a lot smaller. A small dashcam often has no (or only a very compact) LCD screen and sometimes you have to sacrifice a bit on other functionalities. However, small dashcams don't always have to be less good, these are some of the best options:

Nanocam M27

Nanocam M27The Nanocam M27 is the best small dashcam on the market as far as we're concerned, especially at this price. The Nanocam M27 is sleekly designed and films at sharp QuadHD resolution. Wifi and GPS are built in and it can be perfectly used as a parking security system due to the automatic parking mode with motion detection and time lapse mode. A 32gb Micro SD card is included as standard, and a rear camera and permanent power supply (for parking mode) are optional.

Available at:
Dashcamdeal: €99,99

AZDome M330

AZDome BN03The AZDome M330 is a new dashcam in the lower segment, however, you absolutely do not have to compromise on features or quality. This sleek dashcam films in good FullHD resolution and is equipped with Wifi. Despite its compact design, it still has a small 1.0-inch TNT indicator screen so you can see exactly what the dashcam is doing.

The AZDome M330 has a wide viewing angle lens of 170˚ which records a very large area around the car. It supports Micro SD cards up to 128gb, these should always be formatted in the dashcam before use by pressing and holding the Wifi button for 8 seconds.

Available at:
Dashcamdeal: €59

DDPai Mini 5

DDPai Mini 5

This high-end Mini 5 dashcam from DDPai has won several awards for its design. It is somewhat similar in shape to the AZDome BN03 but it has an even more beautiful design as far as we are concerned. The DDPai Mini 5 also has to do without an LCD screen and is therefore hardly noticeable in the car. It films in very sharp 4K resolution and is also equipped with Wifi, GPS and a time lapse parking mode. Other advantage is the built-in 64gb eMMC memory which eliminates the need for an SD card. Only downside of the Mini 5 is that there is no option for a rear camera.

Available at:
Dashcamdeal: €169

Gnet G-ON4

Gnet G-ON4Gnet is a South Korean dashcam brand (like BlackVue, iRoad and Thinkware) and market leader in that country. Gnet makes high-end dashcams in the higher end with Cloud option. The Cloud connection gives you the ability to connect the dashcam to the Internet and log into the camera from anywhere in the world. Another advantage is that you can receive parking mode notifications, such as when someone drives into your car. This G-ON4 is Gnet's flagship model with 4K resolution. It also has a FullHD rear camera and comes very complete.

Available from:
Dashcamdeal: €379

Garmin Mini 2

Garmin Mini 2Garmin we have known for some time from navigation systems and other car multimedia. For several years now, Garmin has also entered the dashcam market with a small assortment of promising cameras. This Mini 2 is the smallest of the assortment and also one of the smallest dashcams on the market. It films in FullHD and thus has slightly lower image quality than the other dashcams in the list. However, Garmin dashcams can be easily expanded with, for example, a CPL filter or OBD power supply to make installation a lot easier. Additionally, you can connect multiple Garmin's together to create a network of cameras.

Available from:
Dashcamdeal: €129



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