What is the use of GPS on a dashcam?

What is the use of GPS on a dashcam?

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Some dashcams have built-in or optional GPS receivers. GPS (Global Positioning System) is a network of satellites used for navigation on the road or in the air. GPS in dashcams has 2 main purposes:

  1. Registering the current speed: Dashcams with GPS show the current speed in the bottom of every video. This can be very useful in providing proof in case of an accident or when you received a speeding ticket. 
  2. Showing the location or driven route of the vehicle: De GPS coördinates are stored in the video or in a separate file. Using PC or Mac software, like the universal Dashcamviewer or the dashcam's dedicated branded software, the location of every video van be seen on the map next to the video. Some software also allows you to see the driven route.

Some dashcams also use the GPS data to determine when to activate the Parking mode. The GPS can indicate when the car has been stationary for a certain amount of time. 



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