Dashcam with Super capacitor vs. Battery

Dashcam with Super capacitor vs. Battery

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A Super capacitor is an anergy generating component that is often used in dashcams and is different from ordinary batteries. It's a quite complicated story but the bottom line is that batteries convert chemical energy into electrical energy and capacitors store a small current between two conductive plates.

All dashcams either have a small battery or Super capacitor with the main function to store the latest file on the SD card after the car is turned off. Ordinary batteries tend to lose a lot of their capacity over time (especially when being connected to a power source constantly) and are less resistant to temperature changes, which is why more recently dashcams are often equipped with a Super capacitor instead of a battery.

The downside of a dashcam with Super capacitor is the price and the fact that it cannot function without being connected to a power source. A dashcam with Super capacitor is usually more expensive and will turn off immediately after the power is cut.



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