Dashcams with Night vision explained

Dashcams with Night vision explained

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'Night vision' is feature on a dashcam that's being sought after and that we get asked about very often. Having highly detailed and bright recordings in low light conditions is of course very desirable when using a dashcam. You'll want to recognize the face of that supposed neighbor that's scratching your car or puncturing your tires at night.

The problem with Night vision on a dashcam is that Night vision is not just a setting that can be turned on and off in the menu (although some manufacturers make you believe it can). Good visibility at night is dependent on a lot of factors, the image sensor and chip being the two most important ones. Determining whether a dashcam has Night vision is therefore not an easy task.

The latest Sony Starvis sensors prove to be performing very well in low light conditions, as well as a combination of other high quality sensors and chips. This is why we specify dashcams with the Sony Starvis sensor as 'Excellent' Night vision dashcams and the latter as 'Very Good' Night vision dashcams.



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