AZDome GS63H 4K 1CH Wifi GPS dashcam

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    Product description

    AZDome GS63H 4K 1CH Wifi GPS dashcam

    - 4K (2880p) 24fps
    - Wifi and GPS built-in
    - 2.4" LCD screen
    - Best 2019 model

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    4K 2880p video’s

    What makes this AZDome GS63H 4K 1CH so unique is its video quality. It records videos in super bright and sharp 4K 2880x2160p 24fps resolution. The GS63H 4K 1CH is also superb in making videos in low light environments. The GS63H 4K 1CH can also record in 1080p 60 or 30fps and lower qualities.


    This AZDome GS63H 4K 1CH has built-in Wifi, enabling wireless video transferring between the camera and your iOS and Android phone or tablet. The AZDome app is available for free in the Appstore and Google Play store.

    Time Lapse recordings

    This dashcam is able to make Time lapse videos. When Time lapse is activated, the dashcam will make a picture in a set interval. Later, these pictures are played like a video giving it a fast forward look. This type of recording is more suitable for longer journeys as you lose a lot of details on the way.


    AZDome GS63H 4K 1CH has a built-in GPS receiver to show the current speed in the video and to save all coördinates of your location. Later, the videos can be shown together with the GPS location in Google Maps using AZDome’s GPS player for Windows and Mac. Check for downloads.

    Parking mode

    The AZDome GS63H 4K 1CH has two types of parking mode that have to be manually activated. Note that for these functions to properly work the GS63H 4K 1CH has to be powered with the Hardwire Kit (see accessories).

    Activate the Motion Detection function in the menu and the camera will stay in stand-by mode. When a motion is detected, the GS63H 4K 1CH will start a recording of 30 seconds and then go in stand-by mode again. Please note that this is a different recording type and is preferably only turned on during parking and turned off when normally driving.

    When Parking Mode is activated and the camera is turned off, it will boot up and start a recording when a vibration is detected.

    2.4 inch LCD screen

    The compact but bright 2.4 inch LCD screen on this AZDome GS63H 4K 1CH lets you see the current and saved recordings and makes the menu easily accessible. The GS63H 4K 1CH has an optional screensaver that activates after 3 minutes as to not distract the driver too much.

    Suction mount

    This GS63H 4K 1CH is placed on the windscreen with an easy to use suction mount. This mount makes it easy to use the dashcam in more than one vehicle.

    Mini HDMI port

    The GS63H 4K 1CH has a Mini HDMI port to clone the dashcam’s screen to any TV or monitor without any quality loss.

    128gb Micro SD support

    This AZDome GS63H 4K 1CH supports Micro SD cards up to 128gb (not included). 128gb stores about 16 to 24 hours of FullHD 1080p 30fps recordings.

    150˚ lens

    The AZDome GS63H 4K 1CH has a wide view ‘fish-eye’ lens to make sure a big area around the car is visible and captured.

    240mAh battery

    AZDome GS63H 4K 1CH has a small 240mAh built-in battery for safety reasons. The battery makes sure that the current recording can be saved on the SD card in case of a current power loss.

    Note that it’s not the purpose of the battery to power the dashcam for a longer time, the battery doesn’t have enough capacity. Every dashcam should therefore always be connected to a power source in order to function properly.

    Loop recording

    This AZDome GS63H 4K 1CH is equipped with loop recording so the dashcam will keep recording even when the SD card is full. Videos are stored in short files of 3, 5 or 10 minutes, when the SD card is full the oldest file will be automatically deleted so there is space for a new file. This way you are sure the last period of time is stored on the SD card, the length of this period depending on the size of the SD card.

    Auto start/stop

    When powered by the cigarette power plug, the AZDome GS63H 4K 1CH will start recording automatically when the car is turned on and will stop recording when the car is turned off. Note that this function will only work in cars that provide power trough the cigarette port when the ignition is on. When power is also provided when the ignition is off, the GS63H 4K 1CH will stay on and has to be turned on and off manually.


    The built-in G-sensor in this AZDome GS63H 4K 1CH registers when you have an accident and in that case saves the current file in a special emergency folder on the SD card. Files in this folder cannot be erased by the loop recording.

    Making pictures

    The AZDome GS63H 4K 1CH has the option to make pictures. The picture mode can be accessed by longer pressing the Menu button and the pictures are stored on the SD card in a separate folder.

    Built-in microphone

    This AZDome GS63H 4K 1CH has a built-in microphone. The microphone can be muted in the menu.

    Date and time registration

    The current time and date of the recordings are visible in the lower corner of the videos. This setting can also be turned off in the menu.


    Specifications for: AZDome GS63H 4K 1CH Wifi GPS dashcam

    • Video quality 4K (2196p)
    • Night vision Very good
    • Wifi
    • GPS Built-in
    • Mount type Suction
    • View all specifications
    • LCD screen 2.4 inch
    • Touch screen
    • Parking mode (Motion)
    • Parking mode (Time lapse)
    • Parking mode activation Manually
    • Cloud trough Wifi hotspot
    • Cloud trough Sim card
    • ADAS
    • HDMI/AV out HDMI
    • CPL filter option
    • Loop recording
    • G-sensor
    • Microphone
    • Speaker
    • Memory capacity Max 128gb
    • Memory type Micro SD
    • Plug Mini USB
    • Power supply Mini USB
    • Battery 240mAh
    • Channels 1CH
    • Front lens angle 150˚
    • Rear lens angle No rear camera
    • Image sensor OV4689 4.0MP
    • Processor NTK96660
    • Dimensions 7.3*6.3*3.0 cm
    • Warranty 2 years
    • ManualDownload
    • What's included? AZDome GS63H 4K 1CH
      Suction mount
      Dual USB adapter
      USB cable (3.3m)
      Cable clips (5x)
      Cable trimmer
      Gift card


    User reviews 4.65 / 5Reviews:(50)

    • EN By Edwin - 21-11-2019 16:57

      4 / 5

      Super value for money. Almost incredible that this price can make a camera with display and battery and HDMI output with this high resolution with the knowledge that a 4K camera alone it costs six times. Just add the SD card. Worthy product f year!

    • GD By Gerard - 21-11-2019 16:56

      5 / 5

      My first camera, so can not compare.
       Upon seeing the images I looked with amazement. A small device with great picture and great potential.
       First've downloaded a manual in English.

    • A. By Aart. - 21-11-2019 16:55

      5 / 5

      This daschcam his money worth.
       Easy to operate and super easy to install.
       Had a few questions about the device which was found in the English manual, and these have been answered to the satisfaction by Ren√ © Boer Dashcamdeal.
       Was afraid that the picture is not completely covered the windscreen because the LCD screen that did not show.
       In looking at the PC was a great full picture and crisp without hitches.
       Overall for me this is a world sale.

    • BA By Bodeca - 21-11-2019 16:54

      5 / 5

      Super thing, beautiful picture, easy to install. Chose the 1CH but also wants to buy the camera back now. Unfortunately not available

    • TG By Tevreden gebruiker - 21-11-2019 11:09

      4 / 5

      Just search further, just buy.

    • FR By FreekR - 21-11-2019 01:20

      4 / 5

      This dashcam purchased a week before my vacation and received quickly. Install in my Toyota Prius was a piece of cake (0.5 hours) including neatly rid of the wires and commissioning. Automatically starts and stops and stores everything in a very good quality. Holiday in Tuscany is about 16 hours to travel a whole recorded two days. Just a SuperCam!

    • JN By John - 18-11-2019 17:26

      4 / 5

      camera placed, concealed cable (chore)
        Very satisfied.

    • JR By Junior - 16-11-2019 21:03

      5 / 5

      For Father's Day I bought the cam for my father. This drive for work quite a lot and liked to take his rides. Luckily we are quite technically minded because the instructions were not very clear. Finally tried all settings and a workable dashcam gekrege, this a great gift for dad he is very happy.

    • VE By Vosse - 16-11-2019 21:02

      5 / 5

      A fine dashcam. tried all settings. But my car has a constant flow on the cigarette lighter.
       As a result, the dashcam remains continuously turned on. I guess I did not look good some istellongen or the right combination.
       I would like him to record only when I'm driving.
       What setting do I stand error.
       greetings Gerrit
       Dashcamdeal Response: Dear Gerrit, when your car continuous power supply will not automatically turn on and off the camera. You will in this case to use the continuous power supply and connect to a switched fuse so that the camera will only flow when the ignition is off.

    • KS By Kees - 16-11-2019 21:01

      4 / 5

      After I had read the reviews on this Dashcamdeal bsloten dashcam to be ordered in conjunction with the acquisition advice, the Samsung EVO 128 GB.
       Installation was a piece of cake, then the dashcam doing exactly what he should do.

    • By Ren√© - 15-11-2019 21:39

      4 / 5

      This dashcam is fantastic and has all the features you want.
       All this even further with a fantastic quality.
       This camera I can to everyone orders.

    • GD By Goede dashcam - 14-11-2019 16:10

      5 / 5

      I think this is a good dashcam works well and easily, with good English handleiding.Montage is easy and the cable is working away.

    • WM By Wim - 14-11-2019 09:48

      5 / 5

      This weekend installed on it, but the dashcam remains on its home screen ...
       So AZDome logo does not go away. Anyone else experienced this?
       Had contact with Dashcamdeal and they say it has to do with a firmware update. But if I can not go TO GET than the Home screen, how can I make an update? hang on the PC, it does not recognize ....
       For now not really a topper ....: - /
       Dear Wim: You can update the latest version can be downloaded from and put the firmware on the SD card. If your SD card makes the camera and turn it on it automatically ge√ºpdatet.

    • GH By Gs63h - 13-11-2019 12:02

      5 / 5

      A dashcam pleasant to work with. You should try to start anything, to get the desired result. Unfortunately, there is no manual in English. I have it now -2 weeks and meets my requirements.

    • GH By Gs63h - 12-11-2019 13:17

      5 / 5

      Picture quality is great at 1080p. At the higher resolution, the frame rate of 24 fps just a little too low and the image is a bit choppy on. Use or the transmitted via email manual in English. Here is namely in how the sd card of 128 GB to format. This is not in the English language manual provided.

    • RY By Ronny - 10-11-2019 13:11

      5 / 5

      Good quality for its price, definitely recommended!

    • HB By HarrijB - 10-11-2019 13:11

      5 / 5

      The AZDome GS63H is an almost perfect AutoCam, picture perfect and most institutions are fairly easily adjustable, also the installation and setup are very easy, especially placing the Cam is a piece of cake, now two (2) weeks in succession and fully satisfied for a small price.

    • VW By vw - 10-11-2019 05:26

      4 / 5

      Is supplied in a sealed box! After unpacking installation quick and simple. A few minutes of work, and he is ready.

    • JN By Jeroen - 09-11-2019 13:11

      5 / 5

      Superb image quality and delicious small that the camera is in sight for the driver or people outside.

    • BT By Bert - 08-11-2019 19:40

      5 / 5

      Perfect daschcam of very good quality and very easy to install am very content with this AZ dome GS 63H.

    • JN By Jan - 05-11-2019 16:56

      4 / 5

      Phone lives up to expectations. Easy to use, and quickly assembled. The only disadvantage to this: no explanation to find symbols on the screen. This should be interesting.

    • HM By Harry M. - 04-11-2019 20:30

      5 / 5

      first blackvue and miotouch 788 compared and after speaking with the employee Dashcamdeal - Ren√ © - looked at the AZDome GS63H and soon came to the conclusion that your brands in this (first mentioned) also brand name paid!
       I have AZDome connected with contunue feed on the fuse box and everything works perfectly;
       dashcam one that works perfectly for a perfect price!

    • GR By Ger - 04-11-2019 20:29

      5 / 5

      The order was simple and next day delivery.
       The device is easy to install and set up.
       I do not look further, this dashcam I recommend highly.

    • HK By Henk - 04-11-2019 19:02

      5 / 5

      Product was delivered quickly and completely within a day. The instalation is simple and the settings are no problem. The images are sharp and clear, even in the dark. I can recommend to everyone this product.

    • KB By kees berger - 04-11-2019 17:45

      5 / 5

      You must become as familiar with the ins and outs of dash cams in general, but it's a cinch to put it to work. Picture (and sound) are excellent and at this price! Excellent customer Dashcamdeal you get free. Delivery fast and good. Thanks Dashcamdeal!

    • SC By Stuer Containerdienst - 31-10-2019 12:52

      5 / 5

      Fast delivery, the day after ordering. Quick response to questions by mail, very friendly. Easy to install, excellent image quality. We are very pleased with the acquisition of our 12 dash cams.

    • AY By allony - 26-10-2019 22:16

      5 / 5

      For this price you have one decent dashcam most important is all there.
       Top I recommend everyone this dashcam

    • HW By Hans Westerhof - 24-10-2019 10:35

      5 / 5

      Very gooed device with a simple operation and ease of use. Makes very good and sharp images. Even the stones of the asphalt are in focus !!!

    • HK By Henk - 18-10-2019 12:14

      5 / 5

      This camera offers super-sharp images, is easy to use and simple to assemble, in other words, a super camera at this price! Recommended..

    • PR By Pieter - 18-10-2019 12:09

      5 / 5

      For a safari trip I was looking for a dashcam to move and to make the game parks automatic recordings. After examining the selected azdome and the images are stunning. The cam is also easy to set up. Still not used at night.
       It was also very easy to use the movies on my tablet.

    • GY By Gerry - 16-10-2019 14:35

      5 / 5

      After the quick delivery, the dashcam was quickly connected. Works fine, and is not in the car.
       Very happy so

    • JN By Johan - 14-10-2019 11:25

      5 / 5

      A fine device. Complete delivery. Do not forget to study how the firmware up to dating and how some things to set. Do not do this while driving, but stay at home on the couch with a telefoonladern.

    • PL By Paul - 13-10-2019 20:56

      5 / 5

      After ordering was dascams (I had ordered 2) delivered within 2 business days. A comprehensive manual was lacking. Via the Internet was that figure. But this was something sketchy. I must have it so the reviews. I bought two, because the length of the cables in a dual system are too short. I have two cars and a camper and they will have to transfer frequently. 1 cam for the front and one for the rear.

    • PD By Prima dashcam - 11-10-2019 18:56

      5 / 5

      Satisfactorily, I can say it is a perfect device. super sharp image, easy operation sufficient length of the cable. I placed it behind my mirror and had enough cable to reach my cigarette and all kept out of sight. Also works great with the app. I will definitely recommend to him. Its money well spent.

    • SN By Stephan - 08-10-2019 18:24

      5 / 5

      The first aircraft I had the problem that the SD card was barely getting off the unit purchased from from Dashcamdeal. I returned the same day. I have ordered this product directly from Dashcamdeal. Unfortunately ...
       1. I ordered I contacted this dashcam with whether a 32Gb Sandisk Ultra was suitable. To this I got the answer that this was not a problem. Works fine. Later, in the manual I read that a Sandisk Ultra is completely unsuitable. Even void the warranty if you would use. So I have included Customer Service Dashcamdeal touch with how it is now; no comment!
        2. I have my dashcam now commissioned. It turns out that the set time moves after a few minutes by 6 hours. 14 hours, then suddenly 20 hours or 9 hours, 15 hours or ... I Dashcamdeal sent an email asking if this can be solved with a software update I seen now in Spain or that my gear must be returned . To date, no response!
       So I would be happy with this device but considering it really is not working properly and to date the after-sales service Dashcamdeal does not work properly, I can not recommend this company and its products.
       Dashcamdeal Response: Dear Stephen, I believe we have already had contact by telephone. The time problem can be solved by good zone to be set (+1 and +2 in winter).

    • GY By Grumpy - 08-10-2019 18:22

      4 / 5

      Without problems dashcam was √ © √ © n day after my order delivered through the mail. The combined ordered Samsung EVO Plus 128GB microSDXC sat neatly in the box with packaging. The unit supplied by Dashcamdeal is also the original AZDome GS63H in blue / white box. There are obviously elsewhere other devices without English menu in circulation, usually comes in gray / yellow box.
       Down the order confirmation by mail before I got the download links were already reported for the English manual and Viewer software (, ÄòCar player,Äô DV) for PC / Mac. Neat thought along with the customer Dashcamdeal.
       After some other programma,Äôs viewed to have seen the prog. , ÄòDashcamviewer,Äô pleasant as viewer software for the broader opportunities and clearly better integration with google maps.
       The camera is recognized by the PC as a scout Novatek camera. Recordings are organized by date and time.
       After unpacking I insert the memory card and format immediately. Without Formatting does a card of 128 GB is not on this device. Then started with the unit's menu.
       The dashcam does include an English menu. The downloadable for use in English, incidentally, is not synchronized with the English menu on the device. However, one thing and another is fairly easy to identify on the device itself. Functions, ÄòWDR,Äô and ÄòTime Lapse Recording,Äô are not in the manual while this device has w√ © l.
       Also marks the device via WiFi linked to my mobile. For this purpose, the program won ÄòLuckyCam,Äô. Via telephone recordings can be started and stopped. Also, a large number of institutions of dashcam easy to change from the phone.
       The included 3.3-meter cable was enough contact to connect the cigarette lighter with the dashcam and cable neatly behind the panels to remove. The cable clips offered result in some strategic locations.
       The delivered for plug into the cigarette lighter has a double USB connector (fine for e.g. a loose navigation system), and clamps relatively rigid. Works just fine. Another option is to directly from the battery to take power. For that purpose, extra set to order cables.
       The suction cup is attached quickly and is immediately securely. The disadvantage is that the dashcam itself is rather stiff to attach to the suction cup, so that the stiff even almost feels like a permanent connection to the container. Perhaps not for every device of this type so if you, like me, makes daily several short trips and dashcam increases every time the car is this kind of fumbling quickly annoying.
       After starting the car jumped the dashcam automatically and immediately started recording. The GPS signal was a while in coming, but after zo,Äôn half minutes he had AOM. The subsequent times he found the signal a little faster.
       The camera offers a choice of different image resolutions and frame rates. E.g. 4K (2880p * 2160p) at 24 frames / sec, HD with a choice of 30 or 60 frames / sec or even up to 120 frames / sec at 720p. And yes it is true, given the specs it is not officially a 4K dashcam but at least still a very good picture quality.
       The first ride the dashcam was set to 1080p with 60fps. That gave crisp, clear and smooth images in cloudy conditions.
       The next day is set to 2880p with 24fps. That gave very good impression. The lower framerate hardly caused noticeable difference in image. Only the extreme left and right image, I felt a little less smooth image remark relative HD at 60 fps.
       Riding in a certain low-hanging dazzling morning right before had influence on the recording. Still easy to follow but obvious loss of detail in areas such as license plates by glare, reflections and deep shadows. This makes sense, against zo,Äôn sunlight right into the muzzle provides the function ÄòWDR,Äô (which corrects many very light and dark areas) no solace. However, outside this kind dashcam sporadic moments offers a beautiful picture quality, both cloudy and sunny and dim conditions.
       Also, AOS night the image quality quite fair to good. More detail and quality than expected in urban conditions.
       Furthermore, the camera has a very wide viewing angle. Both left and right of the road is much clear image can be observed.
       Conclusion: Good dashcam with h√ © √ © l beautiful image quality, extensive features and a very competitive price / quality ratio.

    • DP By De perfecte dashcam - 08-10-2019 18:20

      4 / 5

      Satisfactorily, I can say it is a perfect device. super sharp image, easy operation sufficient length of the cable. I placed it behind my mirror and had enough cable to reach my cigarette and all kept out of sight. Also works great with the app. I will definitely recommend to him. His money worth every penny

    • BT By Bert - 08-10-2019 14:09

      5 / 5

      Dashcam notes with great quality. Quality is ideal for use in video travelogue. For the rest, he is doing what should a dashcam. Good quality for the price and fast delivery. Toppie!

    • RF By Ruilof - 29-09-2019 09:19

      4 / 5

      Did the cam now a few weeks and it works very well. Easy to operate and once installed on it, you do not have to worry about. He turns loops of 10 minutes on a 64 GB card. Space enough to look back important images.

    • BS By Bas - 26-09-2019 17:37

      5 / 5

      We are very satisfied. Small and light, easy installation and operation, fully automatic, perfect image a very good app. Really recommended!

    • MB By Mario B. - 12-09-2019 14:22

      5 / 5

      Dashcam makes great pictures, Wi-Fi and some weak app. Limited. put on continuous flow, unfortunately these do not react when the car start or stop driving this because it is continuously energized. Continues to record this. Motion sensor to turn this more or check more.
       Especially compliment Ren√ © I asked several questions and follow-up questions via email were answered this fine.

    • HD By Het derde oog - 10-09-2019 19:21

      4 / 5

      Wellis, nietes ....... now no discussion necessary.
       The device looks and flawlessly records and enlightening all the moments that come your way.
       If the image is still put license plates are very easy to read.
       Sunlight and darker displaying any problems, the third eye sees everything.

    • RN By Ron - 09-09-2019 21:10

      4 / 5

      Satisfactorily, I can say it is a perfect device. super sharp image, easy operation sufficient length of the cable. I placed it behind my mirror and had enough cable to reach my cigarette and all kept out of sight. Also works great with the app. I will definitely recommend to him. Its money well spent.

    • DM By Dashcam - 08-09-2019 14:02

      4 / 5

      Screen Quality tremendously well, big 150° shooting angle to use and practical apps for the smartphone can see everything. Just a pity about the short battery life. However, a device for everyone recommended by almost 100 percent satisfaction.

    • GP By Goede prijs kwaliteit verhouding - 08-09-2019 12:28

      4 / 5

      Nice product, good image quality, and shipped quickly,

    • JN By julien - 07-09-2019 22:03

      4 / 5

      had a long time ago my first AZDome GS63H purchased for the truck and am very satisfied, lovely image a lot of opportunities and easy to set up and I now have a second purchase for the car as well, so that it can register all what happens .

    • RV By Ruud Vermeul - 06-09-2019 10:50

      4 / 5

      The dashcam eminently satisfactory. Ample settings. Razor sharp by 4K

    • FR By Flinniger - 04-07-2019 12:05

      4 / 5

      Great camera for not a lof of money. The videos are good quality and menu is easy to use. Installation also easy, thanks!

    • MK By Mark - 19-06-2019 13:16

      5 / 5

      One of the better dashcams that I've owned. Image quality is really good and the app is easy to use.

    • RK By Rick - 28-05-2019 19:42

      5 / 5

      Great dashcam for not too much money. Video quality is stunning also at night and installation is easy.

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