Hardwire kit Mini USB 2-wire

  • Hardwire kit Mini USB 2-wire
  • Hardwire kit Mini USB 2-wire
  • Hardwire kit Mini USB 2-wire

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    Product description

    Hardwire kit Mini USB 2-wire

    Mini USB 2-wire hardwire kit to connect your dashcam to the car's battery. Install this hardwire kit to power your dashcam when the car is parked to use the dashcam in parking mode. This kit has a built-in low-voltage cut-off prevention that interrupts the power when the car's battery reaches 11.7V or lower. This way the dashcam does not drain your car's battery when the camera records for longer periods of time.

    Please check the product video or this website for installation instructions.


    Total length: 4m (USB -> 1.5m -> converter > 2.5m -> battery).
    Connector: Mini USB
    Power input: 12V/24V
    Power output: 5V 1.5A
    Type: 2-wire (Red+ and Black-)

    Installing a hardwire kit involves making minor adjustments to the fusebox or other power source of your car. There is always a risk of fire or damage involved and this should be done in the supervision of or by someone with technical and electrical experience or a car mechanic. Also please inform with your car dealer if installing this kit has any effects on the warranty on your car.



    User reviews 4 / 5Reviews:(27)

    • LC By luc - 06-03-2019 07:17

      4 / 5

      Does what it is intended
       Haakste micro USB plug had my preference.
       SURE reorder right between power supply fuse box, now wait for the winter months
       to experience the effect on my battery

    • KP By kip - 06-03-2019 00:22

      5 / 5

      Great, simple and working. But I have front and rear cameras for security in parking mode. The battery of the car, this can contribute to short trips a few days. But a aaculader is needed to maintain the capacity and not as far to deflate. I've rotgezocht alternatives for a 2nd battery, power bank or alternative. All ual not sustainable, complex and difficult. Power Banks are due to temperature (summer gelarkeerde car) and other hazardous batteries are large, heavy, and requires an expensive oplaadaysteem / relay
       Want a permanent rotating Security System (precisely in parking mode), the tests are unreliable Gsensor (scratch is not a battle in your car). Camera should run continuously. I'm looking for because the perpetrator who scratched my car anytime. Power Bank is not an option and I will load them as I get home. And if the B b ik.huis have those cameras turn right ;-) and not empty guzzle my car battery. Little chicken and egg story. A systeem.waarbij you change every day (plug and play) would be my idea. This does not mean that the work product delivered! Very good indeed ... only I have enough (running) ime to recharge my batteries too. In case of insufficient battery voltage going to the 2cams out. Fortunately, but otherwise I can not start. But image I also have no more .....

    • AL By Accu leeg - 03-03-2019 15:51

      4 / 5

      After closure of running my battery still empty when it should not

    • BT By Bert - 03-03-2019 12:53

      4 / 5

      Easy way to work with battery power monitoring. Does what it was designed for.

    • G. By G.B. - 28-02-2019 17:13

      5 / 5

      The cable does what he has to catch on when it is necessary to give the first images of what I thought

    • PL By Paul - 22-02-2019 12:19

      4 / 5

      Cable is complete, just a pity that there is none angled connector.

    • BK By Bass Kroeske - 22-02-2019 00:04

      4 / 5

      Easy to install and works perfectly!

    • TZ By Timmehsz - 18-02-2019 14:28

      5 / 5

      Eliminating the cable was perhaps the most work. However lacking in this cable the fuse holder and you have to manage the negative cable to the fuse push. Have yourself a fuse with it to get it and pinched on the purchased cable.

    • DS By Dees - 15-02-2019 21:35

      4 / 5

      Extremely easy to install. Everything clean can eliminate. Is 100% worth the money!

    • BT By bart - 12-02-2019 12:11

      4 / 5

      little money for many Ease !!!!

    • PN By prinszzon - 10-02-2019 19:28

      4 / 5

      Besides the quality of the product is a great advantage that there is added a comprehensive guide to the NL language. The only thing I miss is what happened to the red blue wire must happen. This is not defined. Fortunately, there is telephone support. All other providers I only get a Chinese translation or a summary in English.
       'M very happy.

    • By Ren√© - 10-02-2019 19:27

      4 / 5

      Product orders in house and mounted in no time! Very useful such a continuous cable. Forget about the camera. The additional functions as a parking position and detection are now also useful as a sort of electronic watchdog for the car. Dashcamdeal, my compliments!

    • IL By Ideaal - 10-02-2019 19:26

      4 / 5

      Installation was not very smooth, but that was because the fuse box was about untraceable.
       Ten we were due haddennwas assembly so fixed it!
       Ideally, forget about the diet of the cam.

    • LL By Linke Loetje - 05-02-2019 18:25

      4 / 5

      Good food for little money. Delivered quickly in very good condition.

    • RI By rudi - 04-02-2019 10:21

      4 / 5

      is easy to install

    • AT By Aart - 03-02-2019 21:17

      3 / 5

      a continuous power supply that is easy to install and its size anywhere to place, highly recommended.
       Dashcamdeal provides an excellent service to questions and gives good advice.

    • BT By Bert - 03-02-2019 10:16

      4 / 5

      The dashcam is powered continuously and that was precisely the intention. Easy to install.

    • BT By Bert - 03-02-2019 06:10

      5 / 5

      Do what needs doing, very easy to install

    • EL By Emmanuel - 02-02-2019 14:09

      3 / 5

      Easy to use. does what it should do

    • AZ By Abdelaziz - 01-02-2019 12:22

      5 / 5

       It is already the 2nd time I order over all cam and very satisfied order received in time and product is working properly so I can only further recommend to people.
       Mvg Abdel.

    • JR By jasper - 01-02-2019 12:20

      4 / 5

      The food at the same time ordered a dashcam, and the idea is nice, but unfortunately there is a straight plug.
       This dashcam (a viofo a119s with GPS adapter) has a connection are at the top, and if I could use this diet then things would have to sit a few centimeters lower than a right angle. Moreover, there is for me too much lead that I should come up somewhere in the roof, so I'll just cut things and a right-angle plug cradles.
       With all discount takes the thing actually less than a tenner, so he does not return, but perhaps Dashcamdeal even want to see if they can make a model with angled connector. For micro-USB has already succeeded.

    • SE By stafke - 01-02-2019 00:08

      4 / 5

      I would still recommend installing continuous feed the cable nicely hidden and a good explanation with photos on site,
       easy to install.
       Excellent service Dashcamdeal.

    • PR By Polo6r - 29-01-2019 21:34

      3 / 5

      The continuous power supply cable bought for my gs90a dashcam. The cables are pretty thin, but the fact remains that it does what it should do. Cable is quite long.

    • PR By Peter - 29-01-2019 19:54

      5 / 5

      I had a dashcam but the connection was not on the dash face and annoying.
       It was difficult to reach the fuse socket in the car.
       The food that is tasty long I could buy the yarn nice diversion from my cigarette lighter just a cigar plug with fuse on the edge of the liner and the rubber door edge and fixed up in five minutes.

    • GO By Grieto - 29-01-2019 12:06

      1 / 5

      Had once ordered a dashcam, unfortunately I needed a micro USB Mini USB instead. Meanwhile returned and waited for the micro version.

    • BD By Barend - 28-01-2019 10:20

      4 / 5

      The continuous power supply for several weeks now in use and it works fine :) Installation was easier than expected, though it had been nice if there were provided an additional extension piece or something.
       What Nico below might say is true, that the insurance may not pay out if your whole car burnout, but there is also warned by Dashcamdeal. However, the power supply so small that it seems me strong that it suddenly flies into the fire and can cause considerable damage (which he most smolder).
       I previously had a dashcam also melted, nothing happened except that what came out smoke.

    • NO By Nico - 28-01-2019 07:35

      4 / 5

      Dear people. I am very satisfied with Dashcamdeal and the instructions of the continuous power supply in terms of installation is evident. However, connecting in this way by stopping at a fuse downright dangerous. When fire damage will always investigate insurance. Once said in the fire debris conclude this very installation (or close fire is or is not caused by the continuous flow installation), the insurance will not pay. Be warned and go for a direct connection to the outside to the battery or place at least a floating fuse between normal and certainly continuously feed. But certainly never pierce directly on the standard fuse with it. It remains Chinese trinket that just once can decide very hot to want to be an example in summer and before you know your car is smoking with all its consequences.

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      Hardwire kit Mini USB 2-wire

      Hardwire kit Mini USB 2-wire

      € 19,50