DDPai Mini 1 Wifi FullHD dashcam

  • DDPai Mini 1 Wifi FullHD dashcam
  • DDPai Mini 1 Wifi FullHD dashcam
  • DDPai Mini 1 Wifi FullHD dashcam
  • DDPai Mini 1 Wifi FullHD dashcam

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    Product description

    DDPai Mini 1 Wifi FullHD dashcam

    - SONY IMX322
    - Wifi and 128gb supp.
    - Autom. parking mode
    - 2019 version

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    FullHD 1080p videos

    This DDPai Mini 1 FullHD records in high quality FullHD 1080p 30fps. The quality of the videos at low light is also good for a camera in this price range. It is fitted with the Sony IMX322 sensor and powerfull processor.

    DDPai Wifi

    This DDPai Mini 1 FullHD has built-in Wifi, enabling wireless video transferring between the camera and your iOS and Android phone or tablet. The DDPai app is available for free in the Appstore and Google Play store.

    Automatic Time lapse parking mode

    This DDPai Mini 1 FullHD has an automatic parking mode that activates after the car has been stationary for 5 minutes. It will start a 1fps Time lapse recording and will turn into normal recording once you start driving again. Note that the automatic parking mode on the Mini 1 FullHD will only work when the camera is powered with the Hardwire kit (see accessories).

    Rotatable body

    The DDPai Mini 1 FullHD can be placed in any vehicle and on any surface because the body is completely rotatable. This way the Mini 1 FullHD can be placed on both the windscreen or the dashboard of your vehicle. The video can also be rotated 180˚ in the app so it's no problem to mount the Mini 1 FullHD upside down.

    Adhesive mount

    This Mini 1 FullHD is placed on the windscreen with a firm adhesive sticker. This clever design allows for a clean installation and videos with little to no vibration. Note that the Mini 1 FullHD is mounted on the windscreen directly without mount and is therefore placed in the car more or less permanently.

    128gb Micro SD support

    This DDPai Mini 1 FullHD supports Micro SD cards up to 128gb (not included). 128gb stores about 16 to 24 hours of FullHD 1080p 30fps recordings.

    140˚ lens

    The DDPai Mini 1 FullHD has a 140˚ wide view ‘fish-eye’ lens to make sure a big area around the car is visible and captured.

    240mAh battery

    DDPai Mini 1 FullHD has a small 240mAh built-in battery for safety reasons. The battery makes sure that the current recording can be saved on the SD card in case of a current power loss.

    Note that it’s not the purpose of the battery to power the dashcam for a longer time, the battery doesn’t have enough capacity. Every dashcam should therefore always be connected to a power source in order to function properly.

    Loop recording

    This DDPai Mini 1 FullHD is equipped with loop recording so the dashcam will keep recording even when the SD card is full. Videos are stored in short files of 3, 5 or 10 minutes, when the SD card is full the oldest file will be automatically deleted so there is space for a new file. This way you are sure the last period of time is stored on the SD card, the length of this period depending on the size of the SD card.

    Auto start/stop

    When powered by the cigarette power plug, the DDPai Mini 1 FullHD will start recording automatically when the car is turned on and will stop recording when the car is turned off. Note that this function will only work in cars that provide power trough the cigarette port when the ignition is on. When power is also provided when the ignition is off, the Mini 1 FullHD will stay on and has to be turned on and off manually.


    The built-in G-sensor in this DDPai Mini 1 FullHD registers when you have an accident and in that case saves the current file in a special emergency folder on the SD card. Files in this folder cannot be erased by the loop recording.

    Built-in microphone

    This DDPai Mini 1 FullHD has a built-in microphone. The microphone can be muted in the menu.

    Date and time registration

    The current time and date of the recordings are visible in the lower corner of the videos. This setting can also be turned off in the menu.


    Specifications for: DDPai Mini 1 Wifi FullHD dashcam

    • Video quality FullHD (1080p)
    • Night vision Good
    • Wifi
    • GPS
    • Mount type Adhesive
    • View all specifications
    • LCD screen
    • Touch screen
    • Parking mode (Motion)
    • Parking mode (Time lapse)
    • Parking mode activation Automatically (stationary)
    • Cloud trough Wifi hotspot
    • Cloud trough Sim card
    • ADAS
    • HDMI/AV out
    • CPL filter option
    • Loop recording
    • G-sensor
    • Microphone
    • Speaker
    • Memory capacity Max 128gb
    • Memory type Micro SD
    • Plug Mini USB
    • Power supply Micro USB
    • Battery 240mAh
    • Channels 1CH
    • Front lens angle 140˚
    • Rear lens angle No rear camera
    • Image sensor SONY IMX322
    • Processor Hisilicon Hi3516
    • Dimensions 8.7*3.2*3.2 cm
    • Warranty 2 years
    • ManualDownload
    • What's included? DDPai Mini 1 FullHD
      Dual USB adapter
      USB cable (3.3m)
      3M sticker
      Cable trimmer


    User reviews 4.5 / 5Reviews:(12)

    • YF By Yussef - 03-07-2019 12:56

      4 / 5

      Small and discrete camera with good video quality. Nothing more, nothing less. No GPS and rear camera option so it's just a fit & go camera.

    • TE By Terence - 01-07-2019 14:03

      5 / 5

      This camera met all my requirement and expectations. The video's are above average for this price range and the APP works better than any i've seen before.

    • MN By Mladen - 25-11-2018 12:24

      4 / 5

      point: Now a days use boot
       What strikes me is that the transfer is very slow
       A recording of one minut you have 15 minutes to download
       point: Setting very limited
       Format Timeline that you should always push back that lasts very long before it happened.
       point: choppy / sensitive delayed occasionally
       + Point: very good picture
       + Point: nice little fine way to work

    • DM By DDpai Mini 2 - 23-11-2018 07:17

      4 / 5

      good product

    • AD By Ad - 23-11-2018 07:14

      4 / 5

      Fast delivery. Camera is greater than expected, mini may be replaced for the small

    • MC By Marc - 22-11-2018 08:35

      5 / 5

      After years through various (expensive) dahscams be disappointed, malfunction, failure is, now gone budget camera for this so. Had we done that before. What a relief compared to the Nanoq include Mini 0903. G√ © √ © n GPS is only advantage, mounting and (simple) operation, once established fact only on / off and work. At the right place has been applied it is substantially invisible. Where the Mini 0903 in our cars with auto start / stop getting turned off, this camera there absolutely no bother and just keeps shooting itself. Date and time will be just the correct time. The app works well with this camera and the settings can be done via the smartphone well. Images from the camera are, where they are intended, just good and the price / quality is in this than simply good. Hopefully, this camera does last longer than previous ones, just after warranty explained Bob. Incidentally Dashcamdeal is very friendly service proved one thing and another and dissolves very neatly !! A very small point when placing the camera. Despite all grease stuck the camera right on the windshield. Because of the tape with a f√∂hn to be heated for this had dissolved. In our opinion a must!

    • TN By Tiran - 21-11-2018 15:34

      5 / 5

      Especially that he did not notice and good films is a big plus this camera. He can not be easily removed from the windshield after mounting but that is not necessary, something to be reckoned with.

    • WD By Wijnand - 20-11-2018 21:33

      4 / 5

      Easy to install, unobtrusive, clear picture and a decent price.

    • WD By Wijnand - 17-11-2018 13:33

      5 / 5

      Advantageous dashcam. Small and super image and is not noticeable. Meanwhile, connected to continuous voltage supply. Overall satisfied and recommended!

    • TN By Twan - 15-11-2018 21:26

      5 / 5

      Good dashcam for nice price, nothing more nothing less

    • PR By Peter - 14-11-2018 04:55

      5 / 5

      This dashcam is a product of simplicity and good quality, in particular, the almost invisibility is pre-made.
       It is also using the app very handy and you can right from the dashcam load images to your smartphone that you can use as a screen.
       Overall a good dashcam for a reasonable price, and today ordered tomorrow at home is also true.

    • WM By Wilhelm - 12-11-2018 08:59

      4 / 5

      Very happy with this Mini dashcam. Picture quality is fine for the money, though it sorting out what could be better. Operation and installation easy. After installing you'll actually forget about it, just what I was looking for. Want better videos in the dark than the 2P or Mini 3, I think a better choice, but for this money really a winner.

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      DDPai Mini 1 Wifi FullHD dashcam

      DDPai Mini 1 Wifi FullHD dashcam

      € 59,99