BlackVue BlackVue DR900X-1CH Plus 4K Cloud Wifi GPS dashcam

BlackVue BlackVue DR900X-1CH Plus 4K Cloud Wifi GPS dashcam

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○ True 4K UHD ○ Wifi en GPS ○ Cloud option○ including 32gb MicroSD Read more.

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Product description

This is the new BlackVue DR900X-1CH Plus, the latest version of the DR900X with some improvements over the previous version. The connection with smartphone is with the Plus version with Bluetooth, which improves the user experience. In addition, the Plus version has an input for a rear camera so that it can be connected later.

This BlackVue is the new standard in the field of dashcams. 4K Ultra HD image quality and almost all possible functions in one dashcam. With Cloud you can view the dashcam remotely and with the parking position your car is secured when you are not there. The latest technologies such as H.265 compression also ensure the best performance, both during the day and in the dark.

4K UHS with 8.0MP CMOS sensor

This BlackVue DR900X-1CH Plus 4K records videos with 4K Ultra HD resolution, which is four times as much as FullHD recordings. Despite the superb image quality, data consumption remains limited due to the latest H.265 compression technology.

H.265 HEVC compression

The BlackVue DR900X-1CH Plus saves the super sharp video images on the SD card with the latest H.265 HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding). To keep a technical story short; the DR900X-1CH Plus does not consume more memory than other FullHD dashcams. The files are therefore of the best quality, but do not take up too much memory on the MicroSD card.

Cloud and Wifi

Also the BlackVue DR900X-1CH Plus has the option to exchange data with the camera via the Cloud. In practice, this offers the following possibilities:

    • Live viewing and localization of the DR900X-1CH Plus.
    • Alarm notifications via the App at vibrations or movements.
    • Remote communication with the driver.
    • Watch videos from the Cloud from anywhere.
    • Firmware updates from the cloud.
*Included as standard: 10 min daily live view, 1 dashcam per user, 5GB cloud storage, 100 downloads per month. Larger accounts available through BlackVue from $33 per month (see link below). For all information and features about the BlackVue cloud, click here  (

In addition to the Cloud options, the BlackVue DR900X-1CH Plus has of course also retained the standard WiFi functionality that allows unlimited login to the camera within the WiFi radius (+/- 10 meter).

CM100LTE Sim module option

The renewed BlackVue DR900X-1CH Plus is equipped with a Micro USB plug to which the optional CM100LTE Sim module can be connected. This Sim module generates a Wi-Fi hotspot that enables the aforementioned Cloud function.

Automatic buffered parking position

The renewed BlackVue DR900X-1CH Plus comes with fixed cigarette power cable to use the dashcam in park mode. Thanks to this fixed power cable, the outdated Power Magic Pro module from BlackVue is no longer necessary. The power cable is connected with three points so that the DR900X automatically switches to park mode when the car's ignition is switched off. The parking mode has two possibilities:

Motion detection: As soon as a movement or vibration is detected, a 1 minute video is saved that starts just before the incident that caused the trigger . In this way, all important events during parking are saved.

Time Lapse: The dashcam takes a photo (1fps) every second, which can later be played back as a 30fps video. Each minute of Time Lapse video therefore covers an actual period of 30 minutes while parking. This means that a total of more than 50 hours can be recorded with a 32GB card. In the event of a collision, a normal Event video of 1 minute is still saved so that the most important events are properly recorded.

Built-in Dual Band GPS

Due to the built-in Dual Band GPS in this DR900X -1CH Plus keeps track of the speed and coordinates of all recordings. The speed is displayed at the bottom of each video and the route traveled and locations where it was filmed can be viewed later with the BlackVue PC viewer.

Touch sensor

The DR900X-1CH Plus 4K has a handy touch sensor with which, among other things, a recording can be started and stopped and the microphone can be switched on and off.

Night Vision

This BlackVue DR900X-1CH Plus 4K is equipped with two Sony Starvis image sensors that guarantee the best performance in the dark. The Sony Starvis image sensor records very clear and detailed videos even in low light so you don't miss anything.

Optional Tamper proof case

This BlackVue dashcam can be secured with a so-called Tamper Proof case for cars and trucks. The Tamper proof case is a kind of shield for the dashcam, making adjustment, access and theft virtually impossible. The Tamper proof case is therefore extremely suitable for use in a fleet with drivers.

The Tamper proof case prevents or protects against the following actions:

  1. On- turn off the dashcam.
  2. Access the SD card.
  3. Disconnect the power supply or cable for the rear camera.
  4. Turn on WiFi (to format from SD card and deletion of files).

Indication and security LED

The BlackVue DR900X-1CH Plus 4K is equipped with a handy indication LED that also serves as security. The LED indicates the status of the recording and the possible GPS signal and can serve as a security feature during parking to show that the car is being secured. The LED can be switched off in the settings if desired.

256gb MicroSD support

The BlackVue DR900X-1CH Plus 4K comes standard with a 32gb MicroSD card from BlackVue, but it supports MicroSD cards up to 256gb. With the standard 32GB card, about 5 to 8 hours can be recorded in FullHD 60fps. 256GB gives you the space to record up to 64 hours in FullHD 60fps.

At Allcam we always supply the BlackVue version with 32GB with the option to purchase a larger capacity Micro SD card. This SD card is then supplied in addition to the 32gb BlackVue card.

360° degrees rotatable

The BlackVue dashcams can all be rotated 360° degrees vertically so that they can be optimally positioned. If desired, the dash cam can also be directed inwards to film the interior of the car.

Multifunctional button

The DR900X-1CH Plus 4K is equipped with the handy Microphone and Format button with which the microphone can be easily switched on and off and the SD card can be easily formatted in the camera.

162° degrees angle of view

The angle of view of this BlackVue DR900X-1CH Plus 4K is 162° degrees diagonal. This ensures that a large area around the car is recorded.

Voice guidance

The DR900X-1CH Plus 4K always indicates through voice guidance if changes occur in the recordings. This way you no longer have to worry about the dashcam and you know for sure that it is recording.

Auto start

The BlackVue DR900X-1CH Plus 4K dashcam automatically starts filming when the car is started. So you no longer have to worry about it anymore when it is hanging in the car. The condition here is that it is connected to the power supply in the car.


Thanks to the built-in G-sensor, the dashcam notices when you have had an accident. In the event of an impact, images are automatically stored securely so that they are no longer lost. They can no longer be overwritten or deleted via the dashcam.

Built-in microphone

The BlackVue DR900X-1CH Plus 4K has a built-in microphone so that sound is also recorded. The microphone can be easily switched on and off with  one touch on the screen.

Date/Time/License Watermark

The date, time and number plates can be displayed at the bottom of each video so that it can later be shown when and with which vehicle certain recordings were made. This can be of decisive importance when assessing situations and determining who is to blame for the police and/or insurance.

BlackVue PC and MAC software

The handy and freely available BlackVue software for PC and Mac makes viewing images very easy. Extra data such as GPS and G-sensor activity can also be viewed together with the videos.


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BlackVue BlackVue DR900X-1CH Plus 4K Cloud Wifi GPS dashcam
BlackVue DR900X-1CH Plus 4K Cloud Wifi GPS dashcam
○ True 4K UHD ○ Wifi en GPS ○ Cloud option○ including 32gb MicroSD
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