AZDome PG02 Full Mirror

  • AZDome PG02 Full Mirror
  • AZDome PG02 Full Mirror
  • AZDome PG02 Full Mirror
  • AZDome PG02 Full Mirror
  • AZDome PG02 Full Mirror
  • AZDome PG02 Full Mirror
  • AZDome PG02 Full Mirror

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    Product description

    AZDome PG02 Full Mirror

    - 1080p + 720p
    - Optional GPS
    - 9.66" IPS touch screen
    - Fully digital mirror

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    Digital mirror design

    This high-end AZDome PG02 Full Mirror is a special kind of dashcam, functioning as a complete digital rear view mirror. The whole surface of the mirror also functions as a 9.66 inch touch screen LCD. The video of the front and rear camera can both be shown on this screen. When the rear camera is shown in full there is no interior visible in the mirror resulting in a clearer view. With a simple 'swap' on the screen you can switch between the front and rear camera.

    Waterproof rear cam and parking assistance

    The 720p rear camera is waterproof and can be installed on any location. It is connected to the front camera using the 6 meter long cable that's include. When it's additionally installed to the power of the reverse light of the car, the rear camera will show on the screen in full once the car is put in reverse. This makes the PG02 Full Mirror ideal to use as a parking assistance

    FullHD 1080p + 720p videos

    This AZDome PG02 Full Mirror records in high quality FullHD 1080p 30fps on the front and 720p 30fps on the rear. Because of the excellent quality of both cameras this mirror dashcam functions very well as a complete digital mirror.

    Optional GPS

    AZDome PG02 Full Mirror has an optional GPS receiver (see accessories) in order to show the current speed in the video and to save all coördinates of your location. Later, the videos can be shown together with the GPS location in Google Maps using AZDome’s GPS player for Windows and Mac. Check for downloads.

    Parking mode

    The AZDome PG02 Full Mirror has two types of parking mode that have to be manually activated. Note that for these functions to properly work the PG02 Full Mirror has to be powered with the Hardwire Kit (see accessories).

    Activate the Motion Detection function in the menu and the camera will stay in stand-by mode. When a motion is detected, the PG02 Full Mirror will start a recording of 30 seconds and then go in stand-by mode again. Please note that this is a different recording type and is preferably only turned on during parking and turned off when normally driving.

    When Parking Mode is activated and the camera is turned off, it will boot up and start a recording when a vibration is detected.

    Rubber stap mount

    This PG02 Full Mirror can be easily placed over the existing rear view mirror and is tightened using the provided rubber straps.

    128gb Micro SD support

    This AZDome PG02 Full Mirror supports Micro SD cards up to 128gb (not included). 128gb stores about 16 to 24 hours of FullHD 1080p 30fps recordings.

    150˚ + 160˚ lens

    The AZDome PG02 Full Mirror has a 150˚ wide view ‘fish-eye’ lens on the front and 160˚ at the rear to make sure a big area around the car is visible and captured.

    700mAh battery

    AZDome PG02 Full Mirror has a small 700mAh built-in battery for safety reasons. The battery makes sure that the current recording can be saved on the SD card in case of a current power loss.

    Note that it’s not the purpose of the battery to power the dashcam for a longer time, the battery doesn’t have enough capacity. Every dashcam should therefore always be connected to a power source in order to function properly.

    Loop recording

    This AZDome PG02 Full Mirror is equipped with loop recording so the dashcam will keep recording even when the SD card is full. Videos are stored in short files of 3, 5 or 10 minutes, when the SD card is full the oldest file will be automatically deleted so there is space for a new file. This way you are sure the last period of time is stored on the SD card, the length of this period depending on the size of the SD card.

    Auto start/stop

    When powered by the cigarette power plug, the AZDome PG02 Full Mirror will start recording automatically when the car is turned on and will stop recording when the car is turned off. Note that this function will only work in cars that provide power trough the cigarette port when the ignition is on. When power is also provided when the ignition is off, the PG02 Full Mirror will stay on and has to be turned on and off manually.


    The built-in G-sensor in this AZDome PG02 Full Mirror registers when you have an accident and in that case saves the current file in a special emergency folder on the SD card. Files in this folder cannot be erased by the loop recording.

    Built-in microphone

    This AZDome PG02 Full Mirror has a built-in microphone. The microphone can be muted in the menu.

    Date and time registration

    The current time and date of the recordings are visible in the lower corner of the videos. This setting can also be turned off in the menu.


    Specifications for: AZDome PG02 Full Mirror

    • Video quality FullHD + 720p
    • Night vision Very good
    • Memory capacity Max 128gb
    • Wifi
    • GPS Optional
    • View all specifications
    • LCD screen 9.66 inch touch screen
    • Touch screen
    • Parking mode (Motion)
    • Parking mode (Time lapse)
    • Parking mode activation Manually
    • ADAS
    • HDMI/AV out
    • Loop recording
    • G-sensor
    • Microphone
    • Speaker
    • Mount type Rubber straps
    • Memory type Micro SD
    • Power supply Mini USB
    • Battery 700mAh
    • Front lens angle 150˚
    • Rear lens angle 160˚
    • Image sensor SC2363 4.0MP
    • Processor MT8336
    • Channels 2CH
    • Dimensions 25.5*7.0*1.5 cm
    • Warranty 2 years
    • ManualDownload
    • What's included? AZDome PG02 Full Mirror
      Rear camera with 6m cable
      Rubber mount straps (2x)
      Rear cam mount (sticker + screws)
      Dual USB adapter
      USB cable (3.3m)
      Cable clips (5x)
      Cable trimmer
      Gift card


    User reviews 4.65 / 5Reviews:(3)

    • PR By Peter - 08-07-2019 13:23

      5 / 5

      Very cool dashcam, unique design. Was delivered very fast too!

    • RD By Richard - 21-06-2019 12:12

      4 / 5

      Really cool dashcam that functions as a rear view mirror and has great video quality. The installation took some time, especially the connection with the rear camera. Once installed though it functions great.

    • AD By Awesome design - 19-06-2019 13:15

      5 / 5

      I've been looking for a dashcam like this for a while. Before i had a normal mirror dashcam with small LCD screen on it but this dashcam make the use really easy. It's ideal to use as rear view mirror and parking help. Can't believe the value you get for this money. Great service by Dashcmdeal too!

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      AZDome PG02 Full Mirror

      AZDome PG02 Full Mirror

      € 139,-