Mini 0906 2CH Dual GPS FullHD dashcam

  • Mini 0906 2CH Dual GPS FullHD dashcam
  • Mini 0906 2CH Dual GPS FullHD dashcam
  • Mini 0906 2CH Dual GPS FullHD dashcam
  • Mini 0906 2CH Dual GPS FullHD dashcam
  • Mini 0906 2CH Dual GPS FullHD dashcam

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    366 reviews

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    Product description

    Mini 0906 2CH Dual GPS FullHD dashcam

    - Sony Starvis IMX291
    - GPS built-in
    - Autom. parking mode
    - Optional CPL filter

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    2x 1080p FullHD videos

    The Mini 0906 2CH records in super sharp FullHD resolution with 60fps, when the rear cam is connected it will record in 1080p 30fps on both sides. The front camera uses the Sony IMX291 STARVIS image sensor, the rear camera has the IMX323 version. The powerful NTK96663 processor generates the best images.

    Night vision

    This dashcam is fitted with Sony’s STARVIS IMX291 image sensor. Sony STARVIS is currently one of the best performing low-light image sensors on the market.

    FullHD IP67 waterproof rear camera

    This Mini 0906 2CH comes with a FullHD rear camera that records in 30fps and is P68 water and dust proof (we advise to mount it on the rear window). The rear camera is connected to the front cam using the 6 meter cable (8.5m cable available, see accessories). Both cameras will record simultaneously and the files are stored separately on the Micro SD card. 

    Optional CPL filter

    The Mini 0906 2CH has the option to mount a CPL filter (see accessories). A CPL filter is like polaroid sunglasses for your eyes, it filters harmful radiation and also reduces reflections in the video. The video gets clearer, especially when recording in sunny or very light environments.

    Bluetooth SOS button

    This Mini 0906 2CH comes with an adhesive Bluetooth emergency button. One press on this button makes a snapshot and saves the current video file as an emergency file so it cannot be erased. 


    This Mini 0906 2CH has a built-in GPS receiver. The current speed is shown in every video and the coördinates are stored on the SD card. Using the available software for Windows and Mac the videos can be shown together with the locations and G-sensor activity. Dashcam Viewer is currently the most reliable and best tested software for this purpose.

    Automatic parking mode

    One of the many great things about this Mini 0906 2CH is the automatic parking mode function. When powered by the Hardwire kit Micro USB, the 0906 2CH will turn into parking mode automatically when the car's ignition is turned off and will start recording normally when the car is started again. The Mini 0906 2CH has four parking mode options:

    Auto switch lapse: Records at 720p 2fps, switches to 720p 30fps for 15 secs when movement is detected.
    Always time lapse: Always records at 720p 2fps.
    Motion detection: Stays on stand-by, records at 720p 30fps for 15 seconds when movement detected.
    Normal Recording: Records at the set resolution continuously.

    Please note that the automatic parking mode will only work when the 0906 2CH is powered with the Hardwire kit Micro USB (see accessories). It has no option to manually activate or deactivate the parking mode.

    1.5 inch LCD screen

    The compact but bright 1.5 inch LCD screen on this Mini 0906 2CH lets you see the current and saved recordings and makes the menu easily accessible. The 0906 2CH has an optional screensaver that activates after 3 minutes as to not distract the driver too much.

    Adhesive mount

    This 0906 2CH is placed on the windscreen with a firm adhesive mount that doubles as the GPS receiver. This clever design allows for a clean installation, great GPS reception and videos with little to no vibration. The mount stays on the windscreen and the dashcam can be slid in and out of it easily. Extra mounts are available if you want to use the camera in more than one vehicle (see accessories).

    Mini HDMI port

    The 0906 2CH has a Mini HDMI port to clone the dashcam’s screen to any TV or monitor without any quality loss.

    128gb Micro SD support

    This Mini 0906 2CH supports Micro SD cards up to 128gb (not included). 128gb stores about 16 to 24 hours of FullHD 1080p 30fps recordings.

    135˚ + 145˚ lens

    The Mini 0906 2CH has a 135˚ wide view ‘fish-eye’ lens at the front and 145˚ at the rear to make sure a big area around the car is visible and captured.

    Super capacitor

    The Mini 0906 2CH has a super capacitor instead of a normal battery. Super capacitors are more durable and reliable than Li-ion batteries. They have a longer lifespan and perform better in very high or low temperatures. Note that capacitors only store power for a very short time, meaning that the camera will immediately turn off when the power it turned off and cannot be used without a power source.

    Loop recording

    This Mini 0906 2CH is equipped with loop recording so the dashcam will keep recording even when the SD card is full. Videos are stored in short files of 3, 5 or 10 minutes, when the SD card is full the oldest file will be automatically deleted so there is space for a new file. This way you are sure the last period of time is stored on the SD card, the length of this period depending on the size of the SD card.

    Auto start/stop

    When powered by the cigarette power plug, the Mini 0906 2CH will start recording automatically when the car is turned on and will stop recording when the car is turned off. Note that this function will only work in cars that provide power trough the cigarette port when the ignition is on. When power is also provided when the ignition is off, the 0906 2CH will stay on and has to be turned on and off manually.


    The built-in G-sensor in this Mini 0906 2CH registers when you have an accident and in that case saves the current file in a special emergency folder on the SD card. Files in this folder cannot be erased by the loop recording.

    Built-in microphone

    This Mini 0906 2CH has a built-in microphone. The microphone can be muted in the menu.

    Date and time registration

    The current time and date of the recordings are visible in the lower corner of the videos. This setting can also be turned off in the menu.


    Specifications for: Mini 0906 2CH Dual GPS FullHD dashcam

    • Video quality FullHD + FullHD
    • Night vision Excellent
    • Wifi
    • GPS Built-in
    • Mount type Adhesive
    • View all specifications
    • LCD screen 1.5 inch
    • Touch screen
    • Parking mode (Motion)
    • Parking mode (Time lapse)
    • Parking mode activation Automatically (contact)
    • Cloud trough Wifi hotspot
    • Cloud trough Sim card
    • ADAS
    • HDMI/AV out HDMI
    • CPL filter option
    • Loop recording
    • G-sensor
    • Microphone
    • Speaker
    • Memory capacity Max 128gb
    • Memory type Micro SD
    • Plug Mini USB
    • Power supply Micro USB
    • Battery Super capacitor
    • Channels 2CH
    • Front lens angle 135˚
    • Rear lens angle 145˚
    • Image sensor Sony STARVIS IMX291 + IMX323
    • Processor NTK96663
    • Dimensions 7.0*4.0*4.0 cm
    • Warranty 2 years
    • ManualDownload
    • What's included? Mini 0906 2CH front
      Rear camera
      Connection cable (6m)
      Adhesive GPS mount
      SOS bluetooth button
      Dual USB cable (3.3m)
      Cable clips (5x)
      3M stickers (4x)
      Adjusting plates (2x)
      Microfiber cloth


    User reviews 4.8 / 5Reviews:(51)

    • RE By Rene - 06-12-2019 16:46

      5 / 5

      Great dashcam with good quality image

    • JF By Josef - 01-07-2019 14:01

      5 / 5

      Very good quality and UI. Installation takes some work but when it's installed it's a totally carefree dashcam.

    • GD By Great design - 19-06-2019 13:16

      5 / 5

      Really satisfied with the parformance of this 0906. The video quality is beyond what i've seen so far and I really like the design.

    • BT By Brat - 19-06-2019 13:13

      5 / 5

      First Mini serie I own but I'm alreay hooked. The parking mode function is what makes it very interesting, like Viofo's A129 works. Harwire kit installation takes some work but once it's installed you barely notice it anymore. Had one occasion already where I needed the footage of someone hitting my car and everything was clearly visible. Saved some money on it already:)

    • HE By Henrie - 05-08-2018 17:51

      5 / 5

      I had an older version that pleased me very well but it has a dualcam. So it feels familiar. Good image quality, even at night.

    • LC By Luc - 04-08-2018 18:32

      5 / 5

      2 weeks ago this unit. purchased. fast delivery. installation quick and easy. One hour installed on it. Operation is simple and clear. top product

    • HA By Haekma - 03-08-2018 16:05

      5 / 5

      Image quality is given the price exceeded expectations. The menu is simple and there is quick to adjust, easy you just need one camera set. Convenient that one plug is sufficient to provide the rear camera of current, and at the same time at the forward link. The description of the special-order continuous power is clear, it is advisable that directly fuse adapters in order to.
       Parking sensitivity of the camera is good. The camera starts shooting regularly at the highest sensitivity in noisy passing traffic. The parking pictures are automatically converted to a movie, so looking back it is good.
       Despite the parking setup I have been through the camera hours after my sudden absence still just hours completely before shooting. Possibly it is the choice of the fuse connected to, but I have to figure out.
       My dashboard reflects the sunlight properly in the window, but the CPL filter on the camera knows it well to deal with.
       Combination price / product quality is simply superb!

    • ML By Michel - 01-08-2018 08:09

      5 / 5

      If other users of the Mini 0906 their experience would share would be good for not parking position works for me, it could be something settings but I have done anything and it does not work, so if I get hit I have no proof I understand that most people would buy this for their journeys take just collision when parked is still the intention also of this dashcam. So if someone is where the parking position is working please let us know here.
       Thank you.
       Dashcamdeal Response: Dear Michel, you could take a moment to contact our customer service please state? Probably there is something wrong in the terminal or in the institutions.

    • PD By Prima dashcam - 30-07-2018 16:04

      5 / 5

      The installation of two cameras was easy. Clear shots. Most institutions are doing well with the sumiere manual, excl time settings of up. The time changed and thought it was good. The next ride was wrong again. Ultimately, read reviews and I was not alone. I geformarteerd the GPS off and the SD card. At the time settings does not change over time, but first there is the possibility to change the time with + or -. This done and turn on the GPS. Now Operates half a day.

    • DY By danny - 29-07-2018 21:20

      5 / 5

      very satisfied with the whole

    • ML By Michel - 29-07-2018 20:11

      5 / 5

      Yesterday I drove from Antwerp to Roermond, I look at the images on your PC but nowhere I vondt file, but there was a MOV file of 23MB but could not not play with any program, so this was before will not again have to figure out how this is also when I'm on my cell phone charger the connection goes the moment and falls back from what previously was not. Do not really know what's going on now. Perhaps other users also share their experiences so that others may also have helped.
       Dashcamdeal Response: Dear Michel, you've already formatted SD card in the camera? If the camera is not recording this mostly on the SD card. Perhaps you can even try another SD card if you have one option. If your problems continue to suffer, I want to ask you just contact our customer service.

    • ML By Michel - 29-07-2018 10:34

      4 / 5

      I come again with regard to the institutions, so I keep my Mini in all ways to test, I encounter in the parking position setting single movement do not, so if you want to be sure of an image when parking is better to keep setting Time Laps and movement, so you can be sure you have something on your SD card, but is it an activity to find the right images on PC. It would be good to let people know their experience so that everyone can learn something.

    • PL By Paul - 27-07-2018 14:13

      5 / 5

      Recently purchased, so not a lot of experience (eg. Not used in dark), but so far tevreden.Beeldkwaliteit rear camera something seems better than camera. Looked somewhat against plant (hardwire), but after some viewed videos on YouTube, it was actually a piece of cake. Cables over long enough. But first had the wrong size fuse, but it all worked out. Makes quite nice around Eur 200 in installation costs :-).
       Three stars for ease of use because I'm fooling around when I try to set the cam in each time (USB connected to my PC, finally manage to enter the menu, but that is not easy). While driving, you do not have to worry about the cameras.
       E√ © one thing: the recommended 'player' (rdCam) crashes constantly. If there is a solution, though I'd love to (I use WIN10)

    • JO By Jarno - 27-07-2018 10:26

      5 / 5

      I use this in dashcam since May and can only be positive. The product comes clean and is easy to assemble. Cabling both front and back neatly under heaven by. Most people fall disagree that he is hanging because of its small size. Continuous Flow not connected to the fuse box but behind the radio, I was neater than directly to the fuse box. Good product, recommended!

    • ML By Michel - 26-07-2018 21:57

      4 / 5

      I want to return to my previous Review, I can keep it how custom settings still found after some searching so that's okay, if I play a video in e dashcam viewer, I do see that the information is not correct as Temperatuur.alsook time, so again what are going to find out why. The time is not right and find this out also.
       It's not Dashcamdeal responsible for the handsets they sell it the manufacturer, BUT Dashcamdeal give a very good service is always ready to give an answer and a solution so CONGRATULATIONS Dashcamdeal you are surely the best in giving service of buying online, I recommend you definitely want to if you want good service to all prospective buyers! just look at the reviews and then make you realize what this company does for its customers. Keep it Dashcamdeal.

    • ML By Michel - 24-07-2018 20:03

      5 / 5

      Precisely camera but am content delivered over quality I get after setting time so do not put fixed after playback video on PC I see time and other stamps, regarding setting time I can set all but then state that do not correct the stamps are therefore not visible when you play, park, I tested with another from my car to push but see no picture or film as a result. Otherwise further the quality good.

    • M0 By Mini 0906 2ch - 23-07-2018 17:17

      5 / 5

      Please no negative points

    • M0 By Mini 0906 2CH - 22-07-2018 13:59

      5 / 5

      After first camera only did go for 2CH version. Front and back good picture; recorded sound is softer than my previous cam. Cable backwards is sufficiently long. With 128GB uSD enough hours recording.

    • WM By Wim - 22-07-2018 11:42

      5 / 5

      Dashcamset which is easy to install due to its compact design. The image and dashcamkwaliteit are exquisite and more than meet the expectations. The settings menu is not always easy to activate, therefore adjustments of the settings are not always quick to implement. But the device perfectly meets the expectations and the set is very nicely integrated into every vehicle.

    • IA By Integra - 22-07-2018 11:42

      5 / 5

      Easy to install and once you are familiar with the menu a bit, it is simple to operate.
       Well I had the camera came back from the rear, the patch seemed to melt!
       The picture quality is pretty good, showing the speed of the GPS is not entirely accurate. Sometimes he gives 8km / h while I'm parked ... While driving I do not how he correctly. Furthermore, I read here that the image of the rear camera on the screen .... This can w√ © l. A power button choose (briefly) between front camera - Rear Camera - screen (the cycle goes in this order).
       In my case, the rear camera quite evident. The front can not see out of the car with the best will in the world.

    • D3 By Danny4g63 - 21-07-2018 23:58

      4 / 5

      For a long time looking for a dashcam which does not bother me dab + signal, found out that Wi-emitting devices such as so doing dash cams and gopros. So I bought it and, indeed, no more trouble I am ridiculously pleased !! Installation of both cameras is very easy and user settings are easy, the SOS button to record a lock is also very inventive thought.
       Picture and sound are perfect for everyday use, the standard nutritional wire for the 2nd camera is even a full drive more than enough.

    • JH By John Houweling - 19-07-2018 18:48

      5 / 5

      Good and fast delivery.
       Very satisfied with the dashcam is nice and small you can not see him behind the mirror in the car.
       Is not.
       I'm very satisfied.

    • JH By John Houweling - 17-07-2018 08:19

      5 / 5

      good dash cam nice and small, good and easy to assemble is not.
       Under only find two problems.
       1) What I do and how I do get time alone set the picture runs one hour behind.
       2) Using GPS would shadowing visible speed on the images (km) but alas.
       Furthermore quite content with this dashcam.
       Dashcamdeal Response: Dear John, the time has to do with the time zone setting, which is probably at +1 (winter time) and must stand at +2. You can even check whether you have a GPS connection by watching the GPS symbol? You can do the best food in the container where the GPS receiver is stabbing.

    • RO By Ricardo - 17-07-2018 06:52

      5 / 5

      Camera installed and everything worked well!
       Picture was beautiful. Recommended is a fast SD card, otherwise the camera picks him.
       I feel only that he fails randomly. At first I thought this was the temperature. He is pretty hot on the windshield. But he also falls off in cloudy weather ... not a camera to rely on so ..
       Dashcamdeal Response: Dear Ricardo, it may be that failure has to do with the screen saver that comes into force after +/- 3 minutes? I also suggest you consider the SD card format in the camera's menu. If this does not help then I would ask you to contact us to take so we can help.

    • JN By johan - 16-07-2018 19:13

      5 / 5

      Hooded and laundry as neighbors and lots of hospitality and the police do nothing, this is the solution and I get a good feeling.
       Since my van with a live battery and solar panel equipped this camera can operate indefinitely in parking mode with the included hardware.
       The remote control is a perfect solution that I have placed next to the button of the emergency blinkers.
       It is good to know that only the software update should be done with another card and the device also has the supplied card.

    • CL By Ceriel - 16-07-2018 19:10

      5 / 5

      Personally, the best value for money!
       Better image, especially behind and in the dark than many more expensive cams.
       Additional components such as extra feet for other cars are an ideal addition!

    • RN By Robin - 15-07-2018 12:22

      5 / 5

      As a satisfied user of the Mini 0801 I was looking for a new dashcam, the battery was, after all, Äòop,Äô. After some research released this dashcam. Extremely satisfied! Image quality is good, the possibility of very pleasant for a polarizing filter. The continuous power and the rear camera I have not installed yet, but I think I'm the years ahead may splendid image of front and rear. And even within a day also home delivery!

    • JJ By J - 14-07-2018 16:26

      5 / 5

      A very satisfied user.
       Purely because I am familiar with previous products include the Mini 0805, 0806 and the 0806s.
       This is more than welcome, so before I had two dash cams in the car. And with this, but one that incorporates front and rear simultaneously.

    • PZ By PeterZ - 13-07-2018 21:55

      5 / 5

      mount both cameras was easy. Klalitiet picture is good. Even when it's dark.
       This mainly chosen because the image of the rear camera quality is equal.
       The emergency button is useful to determine quickly and safely lay moments. Very satisfied.

    • BT By Bart - 13-07-2018 14:05

      5 / 5

      Delivery was fast despite Black Friday and Saint Nicholas, assembly including rear camera and constant power supply a total of 2 hours.
       Image quality is excellent.

    • RY By Rudy - 09-07-2018 19:33

      4 / 5

      Image quality is more than adequate.
       order for the park guard that you have the hardwire kit to be.
       The rear camera will interfere with the reception of radio and apparently not just me.
       To do that is satisfactory enough yet found a solution.

    • HV By Hans V - 09-07-2018 15:12

      4 / 5

      My garage has the Dash Cam built today,
       The cable was not via the default route to the rear camera. The cable was too short.
       Dashcamdeal Response: Dear Hans, the Mini 0906 is an extension of 8.5 meters available if the standard length of 6 meters is too short.

    • MK By Mooi klein ding - 09-07-2018 14:26

      5 / 5

      The order went smoothly and delivery was flawless. The well-packed mission also had a samsung card and mini nutrition and extra fixings. We have still some overtaken. The mini power supply is required for the parking guard. The guides were good, though we have to puzzle as to fix the car everything. Now it's wait until we use it possible for holidays, hopefully not for vandalism or accident.

    • ME By ME - 09-07-2018 11:19

      5 / 5

      It took me a while, but it works.
       If the camera without power? In my case. What do I think so? What makes it quite difficult to get into parking mode to take pictures, as my key is not in the ignition.
       The camera also data on without you on the emergency button presses! In my case either. What is quite annoying because I do not always know in advance if something happened that I have to push that button ......... And then it's often too late.
       Some settings on this camera is not exactly working. The operation with the 'up' button, I think still quite cumbersome. It is clear that if you keep pushing it to save the setting on the upbutton. But unfortunately he performs the adjustment. BV format OFF to ON, does not clear ... Because he will format the SD card out. And old files are still on my camera.
       The manual is not really clear to me why.
       I also get a picture of my camera behind my screen, which makes it difficult to position it.
       Shame the free program rdCAM which you recommend is not to download more. The site is not working. I have been emailed to the 'bugadres' but no response. So like I would need another free program that I can use this cam.
       Dashcamdeal Response: Dear, the Mini 0906 really does not work without power. The camera uses a capacitor instead of battery that sustainability is very beneficial. To use it in the park position is therefore required a continuous feed MicroUSB. When you press allows the camera to secure the current recording is saved to the SOS button on a separate directory (EVENT) on the SD card.
       The menu you can enter by pressing the UP button, you can enter the menu only when the recording is stopped, this is done by pressing the OK button (middle button). The OK button is used also to confirm selections in the menu, not the UP button.
       It is true that the image of the rear camera is displayed on the screen, there is the screen which is too small for. Positioning can therefore best done by looking at the images recorded on the camera.

    • DK By Dirk - 07-07-2018 22:49

      5 / 5

      Good picture, nice camera, extensive menu to adjust to, excess cable to the Assembly kits (tying with tie-wrap), very good / fine mail contact or help desk. Overall very satisfied!

    • MA By Marika - 07-07-2018 15:52

      5 / 5

      Installation was easy and fall dashcam through their small size and design, hardly in our car! The picture quality is good beyond expectation! Also this shop is a must by their exellente customer ...

    • P0 By Probleem 0906 - 06-07-2018 16:01

      4 / 5

      Camera purchased May 23, 2018, today 15-08-2018 remained in startup screen remains the startup sound with car image, even if the SD card is out. Reset does not help. Is there a solution to this problem ??
       El Frits
       Dashcamdeal Answer: Dear Frits, please just contact our customer service for this issue? Usually it can be solved by the same SD card format and / or install the firmware again on the camera. We explain you'd get out how to do this most easily.

    • ME By Mike - 06-07-2018 08:56

      5 / 5

      Recently possession but super happy! Small and easy to install and hardly see as you drive. Cables more than spacious enough to work everything out and set up is very simple. Both cameras flip the screen when you reverse / hang upside down, so to mount anywhere. Good quality with many options, simply via the menu (and accompanying booklet) to adjust.

    • ME By Maurice - 06-07-2018 01:06

      5 / 5

      Tasty small, good image quality and call very good for this price. Very satisfied, recommended!

    • RB By Rob - 05-07-2018 11:43

      5 / 5

      My camera is like a three weeks old. The camera lingers on the startup screen. Continuous the start-up with the car in the picture.
       Edit Dashcamdeal: Dear Rob, please state you could just make contact with us about this issue? The problem is probably due to your SD card or can be easily solved by a software update.

    • FS By Frits - 02-07-2018 08:05

      4 / 5

      I have the camera connected today, most work the cables were neatly concealed, I had before the 0806 I rode four years (without problems) I was pleased, but wanted to have a rear camera, hence the 0906. Finally, fast delivery and quick responses to my questions by mail, by vendor.

    • NV By NV - 30-06-2018 08:55

      5 / 5

      After an oncoming car in our lane came and our mirror went broke and then purchased by driving only a dashcam, this cam makes beautiful images, both front and rear, and in the parking position, he makes constant pictures and movement he is filming, handy you itself can set the sensitivity when it comes to film. Installation was just a drawing, because you naturally want all the cables neatly concealed. So far satisfied (only a week in the car), good dashcam for an attractive price.

    • HK By Henk - 29-06-2018 23:06

      5 / 5

      At first installation I tended to return the mini0906 directly. I understood the whole installation, even manual, only English and to lowercase. The newly installed sdcard should always be re-formatted by the camera. Eventually the manual once again thoroughly doorgelzen and it was all good, now completely satisfied. The picture quality is excellent, both front and rear. Erf fine that it is so compact that it is hardly noticeable to the rear view mirror. The rear camera is so small that it almost does not see. Only comment is the included software, you just have to pay $ 20 otherwise just get black images after some time use. It should be mentioned anyway. Further, the number of clips included too few (five) and I had to but himself going with glue gun and clips of the construction.

    • UT By Uitiendelijk toch zeer tevreden! - 29-06-2018 12:00

      4 / 5

      At first installation I tended to return the mini0906 directly. I understood the whole installation, even manual, only English and to lowercase. The newly installed sdcard should always be re-formatted by the camera. Eventually the manual once again thoroughly doorgelzen and it was all good, now completely satisfied. The picture quality is excellent, both front and rear. Erf fine that it is so compact that it is hardly noticeable to the rear view mirror. The rear camera is so small that it almost does not see. Only comment is the included software, you just have to pay $ 20 otherwise just get black images after some time use. It should be mentioned anyway. Further, the number of clips included too few (5) so I had to walk with glue gun and clips of the construction.
       Edit Dashcamdeal Best, the software that is recommended at this time for the Mini 0906 is the RDCam Player; This software is simply free for PC and Mac.

    • HE By HaJe - 29-06-2018 10:15

      5 / 5

      The cam meets all expectations and was quick and easy to intstalleren.

    • BE By Bertie - 29-06-2018 09:55

      5 / 5

      Good camera, easy to operate

    • DL By Daniel - 28-06-2018 22:01

      5 / 5

      we are now (first) began a dashcam. For Mini0906 chosen because of the additional camera receivers for the rear of the car and the good price / quality ratio (based on reviews). Images fine by me and the thing is easy to set up. Installation I found more difficult for two reasons: 1) I did not really have a thing in the reason field of view was the only suitable place behind the rearview mirror, but then wants to look at the passenger side (if you are on the screen you have to turn away the mirror ) and 2) the rear camera has a very small plate where you can paste it fixed him, and he soon released the first (dissolved with some creativity). Finally, it is not clear why the camera records the temperature me, because it gives off heat itself, hangs in the air from the blower if he is in the sun, so I have no idea what I should include this information. Overall I'm pretty happy!

    • KJ By KJ - 28-06-2018 21:58

      5 / 5

      Fantastic set! Have long thought to this to buy, but when I was on a Friday witnessed a unilateral accident where I had car against the guardrail crashed sorry I had not the camera ...
       Later that day, immediately ordered with rear camera (if someone behind you wear-). The set the next day was already inside and I am very satisfied !. Along with the special lens and can record these 64Gb 8 hours.

    • FH By Fatih - 28-06-2018 21:50

      4 / 5

      Good cam for me as a daily driver throughout the country. Assembly had to search all the cables but once it's no looking at. Also fast delivery and clearly answer my questions!

    • RX By Ronnymadmax - 28-06-2018 17:00

      5 / 5

      Very small but powerful dashcam very happy fast delivery and friendly to and nadienst.
       Fast, friendly and good explanation my second purchase, all at very fine.

    • JN By Jan - 28-06-2018 16:25

      5 / 5

      Good cam, delivered quickly and good aftersales.

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      Mini 0906 2CH Dual GPS FullHD dashcam

      Mini 0906 2CH Dual GPS FullHD dashcam

      € 149,-