Mini 0906 1CH GPS FullHD dashcam

  • Mini 0906 1CH GPS FullHD dashcam
  • Mini 0906 1CH GPS FullHD dashcam
  • Mini 0906 1CH GPS FullHD dashcam
  • Mini 0906 1CH GPS FullHD dashcam
  • Mini 0906 1CH GPS FullHD dashcam

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    Product description

    Mini 0906 1CH GPS FullHD dashcam

    - Sony STARVIS IMX291
    - GPS built-in
    - 1.5" LCD screen
    - Optional CPL filter

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    FullHD 1080p 60fps videos

    The Mini 0906 1CH records in super sharp FullHD resolution with 60fps thanks to the great Sony Starvis image sensor and NTK96663 chip. There are also interesting options like WideFHD (21:9) in 2560x1080p giving the videos a really cool wide screen effect, almost like a movie. Lower resolutions like normal 1080p and 720p are also available.

    Night vision

    This dashcam is fitted with Sony’s STARVIS IMX291 image sensor. Sony STARVIS is currently one of the best performing low-light image sensors on the market.

    Bluetooth SOS button

    This Mini 0906 1CH comes with an adhesive Bluetooth emergency button. One press on this button makes a snapshot and saves the current video file as an emergency file so it cannot be erased. 

    Optional CPL filter

    The Mini 0906 1CH has the option to mount a CPL filter (see accessories). A CPL filter is like polaroid sunglasses for your eyes, it filters harmful radiation and also reduces reflections in the video. The video gets clearer, especially when recording in sunny or very light environments.


    This Mini 0906 1CH has a built-in GPS receiver. The current speed is shown in every video and the coördinates are stored on the SD card. Using the available software for Windows and Mac the videos can be shown together with the locations and G-sensor activity. Dashcam Viewer is currently the most reliable and best tested software for this purpose.

    Automatic parking mode

    One of the many great things about this Mini 0906 1CH is the automatic parking mode function. When powered by the Hardwire kit Micro USB, the 0906 1CH will turn into parking mode automatically when the car's ignition is turned off and will start recording normally when the car is started again. The Mini 0906 1CH has four parking mode options:

    Auto switch lapse: Records at 720p 2fps, switches to 720p 30fps for 15 secs when movement is detected.
    Always time lapse: Always records at 720p 2fps.
    Motion detection: Stays on stand-by, records at 720p 30fps for 15 seconds when movement detected.
    Normal Recording: Records at the set resolution continuously.

    Please note that the automatic parking mode will only work when the 0906 1CH is powered with the Hardwire kit Micro USB (see accessories). It has no option to manually activate or deactivate the parking mode.

    1.5 inch LCD screen

    The compact but bright 1.5 inch LCD screen on this Mini 0906 1CH lets you see the current and saved recordings and makes the menu easily accessible. The 0906 1CH has an optional screensaver that activates after 3 minutes as to not distract the driver too much.

    Adhesive mount

    This 0906 1CH is placed on the windscreen or dashboard with a firm adhesive mount that doubles as the GPS receiver. This clever design allows for a clean installation, great GPS reception and videos with little to no vibration. The mount stays on the windscreen or dashboard and the dashcam can be slid in and out of it easily. Extra mounts are available if you want to use the camera in more than one vehicle (see accessories).

    Mini HDMI port

    The 0906 1CH has a Mini HDMI port to clone the dashcam’s screen to any TV or monitor without any quality loss.

    128gb Micro SD support

    This Mini 0906 1CH supports Micro SD cards up to 128gb (not included). 128gb stores about 16 to 24 hours of FullHD 1080p 30fps recordings.

    135˚ lens and 160˚ rotatable

    The Mini 0906 1CH has a 135˚ wide view ‘fish-eye’ lens to make sure a big area around the car is visible and captured. The lens is also 160˚ vertically rotatable to make adjusting very easy.

    Super capacitor

    The Mini 0906 1CH has a super capacitor instead of a normal battery. Super capacitors are more durable and reliable than Li-ion batteries. They have a longer lifespan and perform better in very high or low temperatures. Note that capacitors only store power for a very short time, meaning that the camera will immediately turn off when the power it turned off and cannot be used without a power source.

    Loop recording

    This Mini 0906 1CH is equipped with loop recording so the dashcam will keep recording even when the SD card is full. Videos are stored in short files of 3, 5 or 10 minutes, when the SD card is full the oldest file will be automatically deleted so there is space for a new file. This way you are sure the last period of time is stored on the SD card, the length of this period depending on the size of the SD card.

    Auto start/stop

    When powered by the cigarette power plug, the Mini 0906 1CH will start recording automatically when the car is turned on and will stop recording when the car is turned off. Note that this function will only work in cars that provide power trough the cigarette port when the ignition is on. When power is also provided when the ignition is off, the 0906 1CH will stay on and has to be turned on and off manually.


    The built-in G-sensor in this Mini 0906 1CH registers when you have an accident and in that case saves the current file in a special emergency folder on the SD card. Files in this folder cannot be erased by the loop recording.

    Built-in microphone

    This Mini 0906 1CH has a built-in microphone. The microphone can be muted in the menu.

    Date and time registration

    The current time and date of the recordings are visible in the lower corner of the videos. This setting can also be turned off in the menu.


    Specifications for: Mini 0906 1CH GPS FullHD dashcam

    • Video quality SuperHD (1296p)
    • Night vision Excellent
    • Wifi
    • GPS Built-in
    • Mount type Adhesive
    • View all specifications
    • LCD screen 1.5 inch
    • Touch screen
    • Parking mode (Motion)
    • Parking mode (Time lapse)
    • Parking mode activation Automatically (contact)
    • Cloud trough Wifi hotspot
    • Cloud trough Sim card
    • ADAS
    • HDMI/AV out HDMI
    • CPL filter option
    • Loop recording
    • G-sensor
    • Microphone
    • Speaker
    • Memory capacity Max 128gb
    • Memory type Micro SD
    • Plug Mini USB
    • Power supply Micro USB
    • Battery Super capacitor
    • Channels 1CH
    • Front lens angle 135˚
    • Rear lens angle No rear camera
    • Image sensor Sony STARVIS IMX291
    • Processor NTK96663
    • Dimensions 7.0*4.0*4.0 cm
    • Warranty 2 years
    • ManualDownload
    • What's included? Mini 0906s 1CH
      Adhesive GPS mount
      SOS bluetooth button
      Dual USB cable (3.3m)
      Cable clips (5x)
      3M stickers (4x)
      Adjusting plates (2x)
      Microfiber cloth


    User reviews 4.35 / 5Reviews:(50)

    • CT By Cat - 19-06-2019 13:15

      4 / 5

      After the installation with the hardwire kit the camera turns into parking mode automatically which I really like. Video quality really sharp also with low light conditions.

    • JB By Jagb - 28-06-2018 08:57

      4 / 5

      I had this one in 0805 after using satisfaction. Which collapsed suddenly after a few years. Battery via China ordered and installed, but unfortunately that was not the solution. I think the 0806 Order because it fits well into the holder 0805 on the windscreen is unfortunately stuck.

    • M0 By Minicam 0906 - 28-06-2018 08:47

      4 / 5

      This is my 3rd minicam. The 2nd was in my opinion (after 2 years of use) a little too fast piece. (Reason given 10% discount at the 3rd Mini-Cam). Very good picture, even in the dark. Many setting possibilities. The service Dashcamdeal is hard to surpass. Even on vacation Itali√' answered an employee or director? my questions. Responsiveness to e-mail is fine.

    • GF By GroteSmurf - 28-06-2018 07:08

      4 / 5

      Closed May 2019 Mini 0806s purchased after some good reviews to read,
       unfortunately look further not enough for me.
       The device can not seem to temperatures above 40 degrees, ..... yeah ... to get it pretty quickly in a parked van with continuous recording ...... after the first week started basically all the error messages all !!
       To avoid problems, I changed the constant power supply and the (newly purchased Samsung 128GB card are formatted) he did it again two days ....
       Since last month, the device runs immediately after startup firm, ... other cards ... change resolution reset ..... ..... ..... formatting are all solutions of a few hours in my case. ..apparaat so three months ago bought !!!
       I am courier and the thing should just work 24 hours, and that he does not already from week 1, week 2 say ... well ...... what a crap say !!!
       Find out on YouTube and see especially fellow victims .... * error
       Owh yeah, firmware update ... 1st page booklet .... site does not because the software farmer is deceased .... ** *** PIEPPPP say, what a botch !!!!!

    • JN By Jeroen - 26-06-2018 19:55

      5 / 5

      Camera works fine, light and dark.
       CPL filter taken it. Yet I see my dashboard. linear filter can you turn away with it but I have not so small.
       I'm still testing the best institution in terms of video. 60fps is wrs be better for reading license plates.
       Do you use a USB OTG adapter short cable you can play things with your phone. Sometimes you have to put OTG active (in my Op3 though)
       Turn captions on then the whole GPS data bottom of the screen.
       One thing is less: there is some noise, not much but at 430 MHz I found noise bumps. This requires a ferrite bead or similar to the cable .. to do.
       And confusion in Germany they sell the 0806s where 256gb in may. This can 128.
       Summarizing easy and small, good image. Ample for evidence of damage.
       Shame there is no standard ticket (eg 16GB) at is that things are not expensive. filter is an option except for night riders
       yet if he remained in a hot car, put em not to IIG.

    • DI By deki - 26-06-2018 14:30

      4 / 5

      nice little design and good mounting solution without such annoying 'sucker contruction. Picture quality is fine, just as previous reviews say burden of reflection and direct sunlight compared to my previous dashcam, so that order filter. Minus is TNT that 5 days did to deliver them (fault system PostNL was the reaction).

    • RO By Remko - 26-06-2018 13:14

      4 / 5

      Already three years this dashcam and very satisfied!
       But since one month ago, however, the dashcam often went out of his own (while just standing voltage) and I got SD card error (hard sounds with a red message on the screen).
       Apparently these batteries standard only 1 or 2 years with it, then the dashcam has a strong will of its own and you get so weird stuff ...
       Meanwhile themselves replace the battery with 3.7 V lithium battery 200 mah 402 030 042 030 GPS MP3 (via AliExpress, with 2 extra batteries for the future ..)
       Only by many random downs embarrass my Lexar 300x 64GB micro SD card totally to gallemieze.
       With Unbuntu Linux disk test and GParted try again resurrect but to no avail.
       Recently a new SanDisk Ultra 64GB Micro SD card pricked it, and dashcam running again like a charm! :)

    • HK By Henk - 26-06-2018 07:27

      4 / 5

      Pictures are better than I expected. GPS signal is found quickly.
       Tasty small, may be relatively inconspicuous behind the mirror.
       About fine paste stuck on the window, but not on camera.
       Fast shipping Dashcamdeal

    • WD By Ward - 25-06-2018 21:19

      4 / 5

      A good camera for a good price.
       Beeldqualiteit pretty good, just nrplaten by far not as legible.
       Small easy mountable behind the mirror.
       I also hardwire kit purchased there, just a pity that there is no fuse (fuse tap) is in order so that I use to connect to attend him through the cigarette lighter.
       Fine device, does what must.

    • RS By roy storcken - 25-06-2018 17:27

      4 / 5

      Lovely little camera. Can be rotated 180 degrees so that the control buttons are on the left side. Small enough to stick behind the mirror. At 60 fps badges can also be read well in dark and movement. Operation is easy. Only options that you need. Software updates the map where the route shown that cures at the start but after that functions well. For the rest good to see the ride all data. Cigarettes power supply has a separate cover, in which a USB cable may be true in another device can be charged with it. Very tervreden!

    • GZ By GZ - 25-06-2018 03:03

      4 / 5

      Camera shows a clear image. (I've had to buy directly CPL filter.) Mounted he barely noticed. Only in the enclosed documentation I read that it is only suitable for temperatures up to 40 degrees. That means if you park in sunny weather your car do not forget to remove the camera.

    • CK By CLK - 23-06-2018 20:18

      4 / 5

      Dashcam good for its price. First received copy had a problem with the sound during playback. Excellent and super quickly by Dashcamdeal. Top service !!! Very pleased with the purchase :-)

    • RB By Rob - 23-06-2018 19:09

      5 / 5

      mini dashcam which is easy to make and a good image; unfortunately suffered from reflections of the dashboard. by utilizing the CPL filter, the picture improved somewhat. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with the purchase of this dashcam

    • B7 By benl57 - 22-06-2018 17:44

      4 / 5

      this company is good contact. Reaction and response within one day and everything is well organized. Very important!

    • B7 By benl57 - 20-06-2018 20:43

      5 / 5

      camera works well. oplanden battery even after working hours but 1-3 seconds and is already empty. a decline in terms of battery.
       the camera works well.
       software supplied with GPS support is old and is no longer updated by passing programmer. We wait for new good software for this
       Dashcamdeal Answer: It is true that the camera works only a few seconds after power failure, because he has a Super capacitor (condenser) instead of a battery. These are much more durable than batteries, but this may indeed not be filmed without power.

    • HK By Henk - 20-06-2018 16:46

      5 / 5

      Good working dashcam for permanent installation. For use in second car reorder an extra foot. MSR is a useful addition.
       Set to do the easiest separate from the window, of course, an external power supply. Built-in capacitor provides just enough power to proceed neat turn but does not work as a battery. Is difficult, but this seems to be a difference in the reliability.
       GPS works well, but in a car with heat-resistant glass reception is not sufficient. Possibly the camera must be mounted on the top spot for the tolbadge the front window. This is not always possible because the image can be hampered by other issues. This should again be invented something.

    • JE By Joske - 20-06-2018 11:36

      5 / 5

      perfect dashcam

    • AR By Alper - 19-06-2018 08:17

      4 / 5

      The dashcam is small in size, making it ideal for the car. The picture quality is good. However, the included adhesive strips are not good. I have to buy separately 3M double sided tape (black).

    • RD By Ronald - 18-06-2018 14:53

      4 / 5

      Satisfaction 5, and further lower rates? However, the picture quality is good, but there are devices with a better image. His or thick clumps that restrict your view. For me it has the discretion, the device is not detected, and the quality is HD. The ease of use is a little less, but that is precisely the small and unobtrusive format: the screen and the buttons are by definition small. Setting do so best with the device in your hand, and before it sticks to your windshield! The assembly is also a bit careful: no big bulky suction cup, a small self-adhesive base. Best moment before trying the correct position and mark, and then sticking the foot. The three stars for ease of use and installation are not a criticism!
       Excellent phone, I just sold my car, and that was the predecessor of the 806. With a 32GB card I had about 800 km record before he began to write about. I now have a 128GB card there, that's enough z√ © ker! Recommended, after all the best device on the market! The former never got stuck, I hope this little camera the same.

    • RO By Renso - 18-06-2018 07:45

      4 / 5

      I often had problems with the mini 0806 (predecessor) software often faltered.
       This version so far no problem.
       sorry had to replace the drone hiuder; Old was very firm and the new was already off

    • DS By Dennis - 17-06-2018 10:16

      5 / 5

      Am very pleased with the product and ease of use. It's my first dashcam and am very surprised. The necessary information I found on you tube and so I could easily do the best settings for someone already me had tried. Mounting at the rear was the best place, it is not even. Furthermore, do consider buying cpl filter and 128 GB on board. Small handy and for the price of good quality image. For me a must.

    • PR By Peter - 17-06-2018 10:09

      3 / 5

      I have a very good experience with customer support. Initially, some problems with the settings, but I was there helped very good and friendly. Here others may take an example! Now see how the dashcam going to give birth.

    • H1 By Herman321 - 17-06-2018 09:30

      4 / 5

      Fine device. working properly.

    • ED By Ed - 15-06-2018 11:33

      5 / 5

      Since mounted several days. Clear image and many settings. For this price a more than nice dashcam and very small to fit unobtrusively behind the mirror.

    • BN By benvanderlinden - 13-06-2018 14:12

      4 / 5

      The item works well. Too bad the quality is worse than my old 801, while the resolution is higher. Also suffered from reflection of the windshield while it is mounted in the same place. Takes good, plays well, lock after about 8 minutes GPS.
       The battery is really Kloote. He will not charge, and is empty again after about 4 seconds. only works connected in the car or at home on the river, but then again there you also use it for. The two features about lane, I turned that work incorrectly.
       Altogether beautiful thing, glad there is such a large SD card can, then you have plenty of history because of possible fines (in my 801 he was already overwritten by the time it came something).

    • FA By F. Aboulasri - 13-06-2018 07:19

      4 / 5

      N convenient searched functioning camera. Have found one with the mini. Installation was simple and quality is reasonable because of the price.
       However, had it become clearer that there is no filter in 1 and 2 was no sd card. You're still much more expensive.

    • C6 By CAM_A16 - 12-06-2018 20:39

      5 / 5

      Now a days very intensively with the default settings and I need to change anything really. There are plenty of settings. Recordings are at night, during the day and made in bad weather and are just very good. Everything is very easy with the (optional) menu to set up despite the small screen. The software is simple and on your computer is your position on the map to follow. Am very pleased with this purchase. Nice little dashcam and this also falls outside the car actually not. Good work behind the mirror away.
       Highly recommended!

    • M0 By Mini 0806S - 12-06-2018 15:04

      4 / 5

      Extremely compact dashcam with the qualities of larger models. Definitely worth buying.
       Maybe √ © √ © n small weakness, lack of nl.handleiding.
       Another thank you for the extremely fast handling / delivery.

    • ES By Evos - 12-06-2018 13:02

      5 / 5

      Works fine. Just a pity that he can not be adjusted when connected via USB to the PC. Thanks to Gerhard for the tip to use this mobile phone power supply.
       Strange is also, however, that he was in my Ford Focus even speak when the ignition is off. So I have always plug in and turn off the cigarette diet.

    • GD By Gerhard - 12-06-2018 06:22

      4 / 5

      The product is easy to monteren.Ik missed ned.handleiding, but ask Dashcamdeal were within the hour record beantwoord.Misschien useful for delivery to that set in the house can with the power of the mobile phone.

    • EK By Erik - 11-06-2018 21:30

      4 / 5

      This dashcam my mini 0801 replaces that after 2.5 years has given up the ghost. Hopefully this camera lasts longer. Delivery was absurdly fast. Installation a breeze, and if you've already had a mini dashcam also set nothing. So far very satisfied.

    • AV By Asimov - 11-06-2018 13:53

      4 / 5

      Did the dashcam a while now in use but I'm not satisfied.
       The asymmetric suspension he will eventually sit praise, very frustrating.
       And he also regularly malfunction, see also provides other experiences (Search the Web: 0806 Mini Storage error 10 ....)
       By the above, I use my Mini 0806 anymore, unfortunately.
       EDIT Dashcamdeal Best Asimov, thanks for your review. You give to get a storage error 10 too. If the property is the error corrected with the latest firmware update. This error would be rectified in the new Mini 0806s. If you still experience problems, I want to ask you just contact our helpdesk. Hopefully we can help further.

    • H9 By Hansie49 - 11-06-2018 08:12

      5 / 5

      The camera purchased to replace the nini806 byzinder I am satisfied but I bought a new car and the trade-in of my current car camara remain in consultation with my car dealership. So I'm very happy with your delivered dash cams. People look no further sale this dashcam

    • RK By Rick - 11-06-2018 06:25

      4 / 5

      The 0806s has done a replacement of 0805 that two years of service for me and now shows image problems. I was very satisfied with the operation and hope it continues to function longer. The camera is compact, barely noticeable behind the mirror. The camera is quick in and out, click the container. The settings are in English. For me, no problem, but I can imagine that not everyone knows the words. The quality I find excellent for such a small camera. The operation is less convenient, but since you have only single need is not such a big issue.

    • GR By Ger - 09-06-2018 11:22

      4 / 5

      After the old Mini 0803 showed cures, I ordered the Mini 0806S. The camera was delivered quickly and some questions about it were quickly answered.
       I had the camera with an adapter micro USB to USB mini easily connect to existing hardwire kit.
       Works satisfactorily.

    • YS By Yves - 08-06-2018 14:16

      5 / 5

      delivery was perfect. Installation went smoothly and is sure to use.
       Device is operating properly but the visibility of the license plates of both the front and oncoming traffic is moderate. you have been very close to getting the Nazi readable. There are also seen quite a few artifacts. probably due to low bit rate. everything has been tested and 2560X1080 also the same.

    • GD By Goede Dashcam - 07-06-2018 16:31

      4 / 5

      Recommended, good company fast delivery

    • DK By Dick - 07-06-2018 11:17

      5 / 5

      Dashcam sought that can be placed inconspicuously behind mirror. Mini0806 do just fine. Installed with continuous voltage supply. Switch on to start the engine and after spawning. Pair of questions on assembly. These were answered quickly and well. Now use approximately one month.

    • M0 By Mini 0806 - 07-06-2018 10:20

      3 / 5

      good device with many possibilities. -puntje is that there is no English manual. service provided is good.

    • BN By Brian - 06-06-2018 11:44

      5 / 5

      Was neatly and quickly helped by a defect in the dashcam. The dashcam itself is also very easy and is not in the car. Image quality is also very good.

    • LG By LucDG - 04-06-2018 18:55

      5 / 5

      I have him for more than a year in operation, and it is a handy camera with very good picture quality.
       I just lately persistently irritating alarm. On the (very small screen) stood format card. I formatted the card and this sound failed to materialize afterwards. In recent weeks, however, this is the back started again but now it says low battery.
       Anyone experience this in turn?
       Response Dashcamdeal Best Luc, the beep you can remedy by ensuring that the camera is properly charged. For example, you can recharge it just a few hours using a (telephone) adapter from the wall socket. With a new firmware update, you can also turn off the signal, the latest firmware can be downloaded here;

    • HS By Hans - 04-06-2018 09:39

      5 / 5

      So far no problems is easy to look back in use is not a problem. Bright picture.

    • SN By Schaarman - 02-06-2018 09:20

      4 / 5

      The Mini08006 gives a perfect picture quality and at different resolutions to be set. You get this dashcam great value for money and he certainly is not inferior to the expensive Thinkware or BlackVue dash cams. And believe me, i tried. The Mini0806 is definitely recommended!

    • EC By Eric - 01-06-2018 21:52

      5 / 5

      Quick and easy to install.
       Fine small dashcam which not a sucker but glued to the window, even a tool to remove it again. Operation no problem and clear. Additional software to view images works perfectly

    • GC By Goede camera - 31-05-2018 22:24

      4 / 5

      Good picture, does what it should do. Recommended.

    • IO By Ivo - 30-05-2018 07:34

      4 / 5

      First impression is good.
       Small, inconspicuous dashcam which is relatively easy to assemble.
       Initi√'le settings are some fiddly and the GPS fix was for me faster liked.

    • PK By Patrick - 29-05-2018 17:28

      5 / 5

      Now, just a week in use.
       Easy discreetly mounted in the car.
       Overall good value for money.

    • CY By chevy - 28-05-2018 16:56

      5 / 5

      Nice little machine, with good image quality during the day but also at night.
       Motage goes makelijk and smooth.
       Am satisfied, definitely recommended

    • GG By gewoon goed - 27-05-2018 21:30

      5 / 5

      Firmware easy to adjust. To get used to the appropriate settings to kiexen.

    • EY By Eddy - 27-05-2018 17:23

      5 / 5

      Small and easily mounted on the spiegel.Mooi image, with the filter cpl little reflection.

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      Mini 0906 1CH GPS FullHD dashcam

      Mini 0906 1CH GPS FullHD dashcam

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