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Top 10 dashcams of 2019 (with videos)

Dashcams (or Dashboard cameras, or Car cameras) are a very popular accessory for an increasing number of drivers all over the world. The dashcam has been an almost standard accessory for many people in Russia and South Korea. The dashcam increased a lot in popularity more recently in many Eastern European countries, China and the UK. Some car insurance companies in certain countries even give a (big) discount on your car insurance when you use a dashcam. The increasing popularity of dashcams has also caused a much bigger competition in the dashcam market. There are uncountable varieties and types of dashcams, making it also much more difficult to find the right dashcam.

Before buying a dashcam, it's importent to have a few things in mind. Dashcams come with all kinds of features, some more interesting than others. Your situation and the purpose for buying a dashcam are very important factors in determining which dashcam is right for you. Below we mention the most distinguishable characteristics on dashcams on which you should decide. 

1CH or 2CH

1CH (1 channel) dashcams are dashcams with only one camera. This is the 'normal' type of dashcam most people use and which you mount to your windshield. 2CH dashcams are dashcams with an extra rear camera. Most 2CH dashcams are just a variety on the 1CH dashcam and come with a separate rear camera with a long cable that is connected to the front dashcam. There are also Taxi type 2CH dashcam with a rear camera fitted in the main body that records the interior of the car. Both cameras always record the videos simultaneously and store the videos on the same SD card in the front dashcam.

Memory capacity

Every dashcam must be fitted with a MicroSD card to store the video files on. Dashcams always record in shorter fragments of several minutes in order for the loop recording to work. This loop recording makes sure that the dashcam will keep recording even when the card is full. This way, always the last videos are stored on the SD card. The length of this period is dependent on the memory capacity. Most recent dashcams support MicroSD cards of up to 128gb or even more, which is the equivalent of about 16 hours of FullHD videos. In order to get the most of your dashcam, make sure you choose a dashcam that supports enough Memory for you situation. If you want to store a complete working day on you dashcam, make sure you get at least 64gb of memory.

LCD screen

An LCD screen on a dashcam can be a very convenient feature for installing the dashcam and to view the recordings on, but the dashcam will probably be bigger in size too. Some dashcams even have bigger touch screen LCD's, others do without LCD screen and are a lot more discreet. Dashcams without LCD screen are usually fitted with Wifi in order to access the camera and it's menu. It's all just a matter of taste, one is not better than the other. 


Dashcams with Wifi allow you to access the dashcam trough your iOS or Android phone and tablet. This can be a very useful addition in order to make downloading and sharing the files more easily. Many popular brands even have their own App, making the whole experience very efficient and convenient. To view the recordings on a dashcam without wifi, you will need to either connect the dashcam to your PC or remove the SD card from the dashcam and insert that to your PC. Note that Wifi does not mean that you can access your dashcam from a remote location. The dashcam can only be accessed when you are within a range of about 10 meters from the dashcam.


Most recent dashcams in the €100+ price range are usually fitted with GPS. Dashcams with GPS allow you to view where recordings have been made and to see the driven route. GPS dashcams also show the current speed in every video. Most brands have their own GPS player for PC to view all information.

The 10 dashcam list

We have a list of the 10 best dashcams of 2019. The list is based partly on client reviews and personal experience. We've also factored in the value for money and experiences from end users in other parts of the internet. Note that the list is subject to change and is updated regularly.

Number one | Top 10 dashcams from 2019

1. Dashcam GT83 4K Wifi 2CH

Price: €139,-

This Dashcam GT83 4K Wifi dashcam is one of the first 2CH dashcams with a small touch screen LCD and Magnetic bracket. This compact dashcam looks very sleek and also has great specs, like 1080p + 1080p recording of 4K recording on the front only. It has Wifi and GPS built-in and on the 3.0 inch touch screen LCD the menu is easily accessible. It also has a waving SOS sensor to make emergency recordings very easily and it supports MicroSD cards up to 128gb. The rear camera is connected to the front one with an included 6 meter long cable.

  • 1CH 4K or 2CH 1080p recordings.
  • 3.0 inch OLED Touch screen LCD.
  • Firm magnet bracket.
  • Waving SOS sensor.
  • With Wifi for wireless data transferring.
  • Built-in GPS receiver.
  • Automatic parking mode.
  • Not much.

Number two | Top 10 dashcams from 2019

2. Mini 0906 2CH

Price: €139,-

The popular Mini 0906 2CH is one of the most successful 2CH dashcams on the market with great value for money and a bunch of great features. It records in 2x 1080p with two Sony sensors and had GPS built-in in the mount. It is one of the few dashcam in this price range with an Automatic parking mode function that works flawlessly. It will start recording in Time lapse parking mode automatically when you turn off the car (only with the Hardwire kit installed). It supports MicroSD cards up to 128gb and the rear camera comes with a long 6 meter connection cable to make installation in almost any vehicle easy. Both cameras record simultaneously and store the videos on the SD card of the front dashcam. 

  • 1296p resolution (or 2x 1080p) with Sony sensors.
  • Automatic parking mode.
  • Very compact and discrete design.
  • Built-in GPS receiver.
  • With Bluetooth SOS button.
  • It doesn't have Wifi.

Number three | Top 10 dashcams from 2019

3. AZDome GS63H

Price: €99,-

The third best dashcam of 2019 is the AZDome 2019. The AZDome GS63H was one of the first dashcams with a 4K resolution. The image quality is therefore a lot better than most other dashcam in this price range, even better dan dashcams of €250+. The GS63H is very compact but fitted with almost every thinkable feature. It's got built-in Wifi and GPS, a Parking mode and a 2.4 inch LCD screen. The AZDome GS63H is fitted to the windscreen with a firm suction mount, making installing and removing very easy. It supports MicroSD cards up to 128gb and is also available as 2CH version.

  • 4K 24fps or 1080p 60fps resolution.
  • 2.4 inch LCD screen.
  • With Wifi for wireless data transferring.
  • Built-in GPS receiver.
  • Parking mode for surveillance.
  • Parking mode not automatic.

Number four | Top 10 dashcams from 2019

4. DDPai Mini 2P QuadHD

Price: €99,-

DDPai has been a reliable and popular dashcam brand for many years now, and this DDPai Mini 2P is the more recent model. It's the bigger brother from the Mini 1 and smaller brother from the Mini 3, but putting value for money in the equation it might be the best choice. of the three. The video quality is absolutely great with 1440p QuadHD and it's design is award winning. It has no LCD screen so the menu is accessed trough the DDPai app, which is very easy and fast. SD cards are supported up to 128gb and the Mini 2P comes with a neat Bluetooth SOS button to make emergency recordings very easily. 

  • 1440p resolution with 4.0MP image sensor.
  • With Bluetooth SOS button.
  • With Wifi for wireless data transfer.
  • Award winning design.
  • Cool and discrete cylindrical mounting.
  • Automatic Time Lapse parking mode. 
  • It has no GPS.
  • There is no option for a rear camera.

Number five | Top 10 dashcams from 2019

5. AZDome PG02 Full Mirror

Price: €139,-

This AZDome PG02 Full Mirror is the only mirror dashcam in this list and for good reasons. It has been launched in the end of 2018 and has been one of the most popular Mirror dashcams since. The design is truly amazing, because it works as a fully digital rearview mirror. The rear camera is connected at the back of the car and the video is shown in full on the big 10 inch LCD screen. Replacing the normal rearview mirror, this PG02 allows for up to 300% better visibility to the rear because the interior of the car is not visible in the mirror anymore. The AZDome PG02 Full Mirror als has the option to add a GPS mount in order to save GPS data and to show the speed in the videos. 

  • Unique digital Full mirror design.
  • Up to 300% better visibility to the rear.
  • Big 9.66 inch Touch screen LCD
  • Great 1080p + 720p videos
  • Optional GPS mount.
  • Hij heeft geen Wifi om beelden draadloos te delen. It has no Wifi.
  • The parking mode is not automatic.

Number six | Top 10 dashcams from 2019

6. Qvia QR790 WD 2CH 16gb

Price: €289,-

The Qvia QR790 WD 2CH is the first and only dashcam on this list in the higher €250+ pricing range. To be honest, we think the cheaper dashcams are usually way better value for money. This QR790 WD 2CH is one of the exceptions though, because it's great. It has a Sony Starvis sensor at the front allowing for great Night vision and it records in 1440p + 1080p. Like all Qvia dashcams, the software support for this QR790 is really great with a dedicated Qvia app and GPS viewer. Apart from the built-in Wifi and GPS, it also has the option to mount CPL filters and it comes with a hardwire cable (and cigarette cable) and 16gb MicroSD card included. With the hardwire cable installed, it also has Automatic parking mode. This QR790 is also one of the only dashcams to support MicroSD cards up to 256gb.

  • Sony Starvis image sensor for great night vision in 1440p.
  • With Wifi for wireless data transferring.
  • Built-in GPS receiver.
  • Automatic parking mode.
  • Option to mount CPL filter.
  • 256gb MicroSD support.
  • Including 16gb MicroSD and Hardwire kit.
  • Higher price range.

Number seven | Top 10 dashcams from 2019

7. Anytek Z1 FullHD Wifi Touch 2CH

Price: €129,-

Anytek's new Z1 FullHD Wifi Touch 2CH is one of the newest dashcams. Anytek has always been praised for it's great design and functionality and this Z1 FullHD is no exception. When held in your hand, the high quality aluminum finish is the first thing that stands out. Also the aluminum mount feels really firm. Not only from the outside is this Anytek Z1 FullHD Wifi Touch great, it also works with a great image sensor and fast processor. The video quality of both rear and front camera is crystal clear, recording both in 1080p. The Z1 also has a nice touch screen LCD on which changing settings is really easy. If you think this 1080p isn't good enough, we've been promised a 4K version will come out later this year. We can't wait!

  • 2x 1080p high quality videos.
  • 2.35 inch Touch screen LCD.
  • Firm magnetic bracket.
  • High quality aluminum body.
  • With Wifi for wireless data transferring.
  • With Automatic Parking mode.
  • It has no GPS option.

Number eight | Top 10 dashcams from 2019

8. AZDome M01P

Price: €59,-

This AZDome M01P is the cheapest pick on the list. It's a great budget step-in model with easy to access and user friendly menu and great specifications. It records in reasonable 1080p 30fps resolution and the videos can be watched on the big 3.0 inch LCD screen. It also has a very big 170˚ fish eye lens that records a lot of the surroundings and a G-sensor to registers vibrations. The M01P dashcam supports MicroSD cards up to 128gb (although the factory says 32gb).

  • Good 1080p videos.
  • Relatively big 2.5 inch LCD screen.
  • With parking mode for surveillance.
  • Price.
  • The Parking mode is not automatic.
  • Is has no GPS option.
  • It has no Wifi.

Number nine | Top 10 dashcams from 2019

9. Viofo A129 Duo GPS

Price: €149,-

Viofo has been a famous dashcam brand know for it's high quality dashcam for years. The Viofo A119 and A119s are good examples of this. In July 2018 Viofo launched this first 2CH Viofo dashcam: The Viofo A129 Duo GPS. Since July 2018 this A129 Duo has increased a lot in popularity so we thought it deserved a place on this list. The quality of the A129 is the same we're used to from Viofo and the software as wel as customer service is also great. The specs of the A129 Duo are amazing: 2x Sony Starvis sensors, GPS built-in and Dual Band Wifi. It supports MicroSD cards up to 256gb and also has the option to install CPL filters like most other Viofo dashcams. 

  • Sony Starvis sensor front and rear for great night vision.
  • With Wifi for wireless data transferring.
  • Built-in GPS receiver.
  • Automatic Parking mode.
  • 256gb MicroSD support.
  • Option to mount CPL filter.
  • There were some problems with the rear cable (seems solved now).

Number ten | Top 10 dashcams from 2019

10. Xplore C2 Geo Wifi GPS

Price: €109,-

The last dashcam on this list is the Xplore C2 Geo Wifi GPS. It's success the last year is unmistakable and it's improved a lot from the earlier C1 Geo. The C2 Geo is probably most sold because of it's discrete design, it's the smallest dashcam on this list. Once installed, the C2 Geo will do it's job without you noticing it. It has Wifi built-in to access the menu and also has a firm magnetic bracket. It supports MicroSD cards up to 32gb and comes with a nice Bluetooth SOS button. 

  • Great 1080p videos.
  • With Wifi for wireless data transferring.
  • Very compact and discrete design (smallest dashcam available).
  • Waving SOS sensor.
  • Built-in GPS receiver.
  • Good Xplore software support (dedicated App).
  • It doesn't have a Parking mode.
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