The 6 best and most decent dashcams of 2024

The 6 best and most decent dashcams of 2024

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Here we are again with this year's best dashcams. Normally our list of best dashcams is a bit longer, but we thought we would make a smaller selection this year with a top 6 of the best and most decent dashcams of 2024. Dashcam manufacturers have not been sitting quietly in 2023 and have launched a lot of new models. In addition, many manufacturers have refined the features and designs of existing models. That makes most dashcams a lot more decent, user-friendly and reliable. Some dashcams from this list can also be found in last year's list of best and most decent dashcams.

Some models that didn't make it to this list but that we found worthy of mentioning are the AZDome M560 3CH. With it's interior camera it makes for an ideal dashcam for Uber drivers. In similar fashion, Vantrue made some big moves introducing the N4 Pro and N5 also designed for Uber drivers. Viofo has upgraded their great and existing dashcam models like the A139 to a 4K version. So reason enough again for a new list of best dashcams.

Below you can quickly see what the best and most decent dashcams of 2024 are. Scroll further down for a better explanation per camera.

Best Dashcams of 2024:

  1. AZDome M63 Pro: €139
    Best value for money and fully equipped.

  2. Nanocam M27 2K: €89
    Best budget dashcam with Wifi, GPS and parking mode.

  3. Gnet G-ON4 2CH: €379
    Best and most decent security camera with Cloud function.

  4. ThiEye Carview 4: €169
    Best indoor mirror dashcam with clearest 4K resolution.

  5. BlackVue DR900X Plus: €649
    Great high-end dashcam with Cloud function.

  6. Viofo A139 2CH: €219
    Clearest 4K dashcam with front and rear camera.

Best dashcams 2024: Number one

1. AZDome M63 Pro

AZDome M63 True 4K

Prior year's number one and so again this year, the AZDome M63 Pro is the most decent dashcam on the market. You won't find better value for money than with this AZDome M63 Pro. It records with a Sony 8.0MP image sensor in Ultra 4K resolution and a FullHD rear camera is optional. With the use of WiFi, you can view the footage via the AZDome App on your phone, and the GPS keeps track of the current speed at all times. The bright LCD screen also lets you view the recorded images and easily operate the menu.

It comes complete with two holders and a 64gb Micro SD card. The 170˚ viewing angle captures a very large area around the car. Connecting it with the optional Continuous power supply gives you access to the extended parking mode with motion detection or Time lapse mode. In our opinion the AZDome M63 Pro

Best dashcams 2024: Number two

2. Nanocam M27 2K

Nanocam M27

The Nanocam M27 is the best inexpensive yet decent dashcam on the market in our opinion and a deserved second place in this list. The Nanocam M27 is sleekly designed and records at sharp QuadHD resolution. Wifi and GPS are built- in and it can be perfectly used as a parking security camera due to the automatic parking mode with motion detection and time lapse mode.

A 32gb Micro SD card is included and a rear camera and permanent power supply (to use the parking mode) are optional. Two brackets are also included to allow the M27 to be used in multiple vehicles. On its own, for under €100 you have a perfect dashcam that is not much different from much more expensive models. In summary, it's just great value for money.

Best dashcams 2024: Number three

3. Gnet G-ON4 2CH

Gnet G-ON4

In South Korea, they do know how to build great and decent dashcams. Many well-known brands such as BlackVue, iRoad and LUKAS/Qvia originate from here. Together with BlackVue, Gnet is the market leader and together they control about 40% of the market in South Korea. Gnet is characterized by an extensive Cloud feature (WithCloud) and very good yet affordable models of dashcams. This Gnet G-ON4 is the company's flagship model and their best example. With 4K resolution, it produces the clearest dashcam recordings and its sleek design makes it hardly noticeable in the car.

All Gnet's are supplied with a continuous power supply for connection at the fuse box. This immediately activates the convenient and extended parking mode. It also is equipped with Wifi and GPS. As a standard, it is delivered with 64gb Micro SD card.

Best dashcams 2024: Number four

4. ThiEye Carview 4

ThiEye Carview 4

Ordinary dashcams usually are mounted behind the interior mirror on the windshield. Increasingly popular however are interior mirror dashcams. You mount these precisely over your existing interior mirror so you no longer have the camera installed on the windshield. The mirror screen of these dashcams are often a fully digital LCD screen that displays the image from the rear camera. This type of dashcam therefore also functions as a full-blown digital interior mirror, ideal for vans and RVs where rear visibility is limited or non-existent.

The ThiEye Carview 4 is currently one of the most decent interior mirror dashcams and for now the only one with the clearest 4K resolution. GPS is built into this Carview 4 so the current speed is tracked. Due to the large and viewing angle of 170˚ at the front and rear, a very large area around the car is also recorded.

Best dashcams 2024: Number five

5. BlackVue DR900X Plus 2CH

BlackVue DR900X Plus

BlackVue is a global market leader in the industry of dashcams. Their sleekly designed and well-featured cameras are loved by many drivers. In addition, BlackVue's Cloud feature is the best on the market. Big disadvantage of BlackVue is of course the price, which makes the cameras less attractive to many. This DR900X is no exception, but of course we couldn't keep it out of this list as it is one of the most well equipped and decent dashcams on the market.

The DR900X films at 4K resolution and has Wifi and GPS on board. It is available in several different versions with 32gb to 256gb SD cards. To use the Cloud function you need a separate LTE module (€199) but a continuous power supply does come standard these days. The DR900X is also available as a single 1CH version without rear camera.

Best dashcams 2024: Number six

6. Viofo A139 2CH

Viofo A139 Pro 2CH

Viofo has long been a trusty dashcam manufacturer with a range of now exceeding 20 different models. The first Viofo A139 version was introduced in 2022 and this is the 2024 model with the clearest QuadHD resolution. Distinguishing features of Viofo are the advanced parking mode with motion detection and Time lapse mode and the possible expandability with CPL filter and Bluetooth SOS button.

The Viofo A139 is available as 1CH, 2CH and 3CH version. The 2CH includes a rear camera and the 3CH version includes a rear + interior camera. It is equipped with 8.0MP image sensor, Wifi and GPS. SD cards will be supported up to 256gb.

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